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  1. Kate Beckinsale Teresa Palmer Dianna Elise Agron Jeremy Lee Renner Vanessa Kirby Ashley Williams Bryce Dallas Howard Jennifer Marie Morrison Jessica Michelle Chastain Morena Baccarin Gal Gadot Helena Bonham Carter Eva Gaëlle Green Kaley Christine Cuoco Regina King Rosamund Mary Elizabeth Pike
  2. I have both batch 1. Thank you for the help.
  3. Hi, i have two photos at the same time friday and both end with a diference of 5 minutes. What do you guys recommend ?? Jason Isaacs - Photo B - 13h45-14h30 Manu Bennett - Photo H - 13h55-14h25 Thanks :)
  4. Hi, I’m not going to make it on the Thursday to pick up my wristband (3 day entry ticket), i arrive at night. Where i can get it ? I don't have DP or Gold Tickets to collect.
  5. Yestarday was July, 4th " Happy Birthday, USA! America isn’t the only one celebrating their birthday today, however. July 4th is also the day Steve Rogers/Captain America was born in 1918..." DO YOU THINK THAT...IS HIM
  6. I'm ready for tomorrow because i have one...
  7. So we have this friday "big guests annoucements" and also an "massive guest annoucemnet"?? "NEXT BIG GUESTS ANNOUNCEMENT IS THIS FRIDAY 7 PM YES " - Big Guests Annoucements " we have another one coming up also" - Massive Guest Annoucement
  8. Hi, can we hope for a duo photo with Jessica Henwick ?
  9. Hey guys, how are you? Quick question, i bought a photo for sunday for him (Joe) thinking that is only appearing saturday and sunday but now is going to appear friday aswell. Do you thing that is possible to change?? I didn't know, on facebook they told me that is only appearing saturday and sunday. It was a error afterall. Bruno Nunes I can't find the photo for friday. · Responder · 1 h London Film & Comic Con Joe is only appearing on Saturday and Sunday. · Responder · 1 h Bruno Nunes London Film & Comic Con Thanks, i will buy it :) On the website says Attending: Friday, Saturday & Sunday · Responder · 1 h Melanie Ballentyne London Film & Comic Con luckily am there on Sunday for Jason... a stargate reunion perhaps?! · Responder · 1 h London Film & Comic Con Sorry for the error above. Joe is actually scheduled to appear all 3 days. Apologies for any confusion. · Responder · 55 min I already send a email asking if is possible. Because i have a flight sunday and is better for me friday.
  10. Also the photos with Arthur Darvill.
  11. Imagine if we can get all three next year ^^
  12. Hi everyone. I'm Bruno and I live in Portugal. Last year was my first LFCC, amazing!
  13. Katie McGrath Kate Beckinsale Morena Baccarin Elizabeth Olsen Chyler Leigh ...
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