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  1. leoric

    Belfast Film & Comic Con 2020?

    Is there no updates on belfast or any regional shows they usually annouced by january. I know mods cant answer this question.
  2. Just wondering will all the wwe wrestlers be going onto the pre order shop they arent on it at min? Just for info just noticed cancelled guest are still on shop.
  3. leoric

    Guest Cancellation - Charles Dance

    Just so u know charles dance is still on autograph pre order site and its letting u buy them
  4. So was just wondering how everyones day went at belfast comic con and what everyone thought. I have to say ingrid oliver was great she sure a nice lady and was very intrested in her fans. The media guests where very good and from talking to ppl they all enjoyed them and the talks where good. I did like the way the talk section was laid out as if you couldnt get set you could still stand at back to hear been to other showmasters ones that where closed in so if u couldnt get a seat you couldnt really see in so really liked that. Only negative i would say is didnt like the fact the photo section was open so ppl could see you usually this is closed in so ppl cant see you getting picture taken. Over all it was a good day which i enjoyed and looking forward to next event hopefully will go to twice a year very long to wait being the first convention each year and hopefully next one is bigger with more media guests. Titanic centre is big and could be filled more. Thanks for good day showmasters
  5. Mayb a last min announcement. Fingers crossed
  6. Be nice if he was coming to belfast too as he cancelled few years ago
  7. leoric

    Guest Suggestions

    John Ratzenberger
  8. leoric

    Guest Suggestions

    Brian Blessed
  9. leoric

    Guest Suggestions

    Allo allo cast Wos wrestling guests
  10. leoric

    Guest Suggestions

    Richard Gibson Kim hartman
  11. leoric

    Guest Suggestions

    Eric Kramer
  12. leoric

    Guest Suggestions

    Totally agree more wwe legends would be good
  13. leoric

    Guest Suggestions

    Since already got 2 james bond guests why not get few more and have bond reunion
  14. leoric

    Guest Suggestions

    Felicia Day