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  1. Who are you meeting!?

    Friday - Photo's with Meatloaf and the Allo Allo cast in costume. Saturday - David Duchovny photo (my birthday pressie from mum) and Tony Robinson DP. Auto's to be decided on the days.
  2. Whoops, I accidentally fell and ordered a Diamond Pass! A month to decide if I want a Blackadder or Maid Marion 8x10 signed!
  3. I think they provided a pile of DVD's for him to give out, also some VERY awesome Firefly sticker sheets, the remainder of which he signed and chucked at the crowd at the end, very pleased to say I have one of them!
  4. Prop or Set Photo suggestion.

    Yeeeeees. Or Lister and Rimmer's Bunk on the small rouge one. Also 10 era Tardis console. I would say a Space Precinct police cruiser, but I think that would have a very limited appeal. (It would be me. Just me. But I would be a very happy bunny!)
  5. New Attendees advice thread

    My advice would be to check the timetables (photo shoot/talk etc) before you go, but always make sure to check again as close to the show as you can - they can and do change, nothing worse than getting to the photo shoot area when you THINK it is only to find it had been changed.
  6. I was planning a Valkyrie cosplay, but since Meatloaf has been announced I may have to rethink that and go for Columbia (RHPS). One day I will get to wear a cape. One day. (Nearest I have gotten is Hogwarts robes last year, and as said above, it was warm, but not horrific, at least after I took the cardigan off!)
  7. Latest Guest Announcement - MEAT LOAF

    Well, I think I know what I'm getting mum for her birthday! Edit to add - photoshoot each booked and I am officially the Best Daughter Ever!
  8. Guest Suggestions

    Joe Flannigan (Stargate Atlantis) Noah Wyle Any Red Dwarf or Merlin Idris Elba - because I WOULD be the one person bringing a Space Precinct DVD to get signed! - this is basically me writing my Birthday list, so like, no pressure right! - (My mum yesterday over dinner commented "we need to ask Jason for Joe Flannigan!")
  9. Suggestions

    I'm sure I have suggested this in the past (and if I haven't, shame on me because I think it every time I am at an event) but to further on Chris C's suggestion of larger VQ ticket number signs - it would be really useful to have a couple of big whiteboards at the entrances to the signing areas with a list of guests and what their queue is like. It would take maybe one crew member to walk round periodically (or be updated by others) and keep it roughly up to date. I think something like this would cut down a lot of people milling around the signing areas.
  10. Autograph in 2017

    Alan Tudyk, Sean Biggerstaff and Dean Cain at LFCC... The rest are all motorsports related, a whole heap of Le Mans racers (including some former F1 - Ant Davidson, Bruno Senna, Nelson Piquet Jnr, Sebastian Buemi and Jean Eric Vergne - the last being the most amusing for me as it was on a photo I accidentally took of him flashing his butt at the crowd at a motorsports event. Evidently he had no idea he had done it) and some MotoGP riders (highlights being Kevin Schwantz, Marc Marquez (current World Champion!) and Colin Edwards, although there were more, most being less big names, so unless you are into bike racing they mean nothing, but trust me, I was excited!)
  11. Red Dwarf Season 12

    Definitely some classic Dwarf there, especially the last episode (Skipper), a great many massive laugh out loud moments.
  12. Dean Cain Appreciation Thread

    Really lovely guy, I was soooo pleased when he was announced as Birmingham was just not feasible for me transport wise. He really seemed happy to be there and genuinely ready to chat to people. He apologised for not being able to greet me properly at the photo shoot when I went for my autograph and was just wonderful. My picture is one of my favourites ever from a SM con and I absolutely loved his talk as well.
  13. A couple of points now I can think a bit clearer after the weekend. - 'You are here' stickers on the map (I mentioned this to one of the pit bosses while in a queue as well, he thought it was a good idea and wrote it down, but it never hurts to repeat), so many times I had to try and work out what area we were in by where a staircase was. Not good when you are rushing trying to remember where the photo areas are! - In addition to this, some "this way for..." signage, it took forever and a day to find the right staircase to get up to the haven that was YALC. - Some sort of central position with a board of some description showing what number VQ guests are up to - A couple of whiteboards and a roving crew member updating when they could would save a lot of people milling around the guest area seeing if their number is up. - Ditto that for photos - something small the crew can hold up/hang up with what batch they are calling at that time (or even what guest in some cases) - would save a lot of shouting for the crew.
  14. Pokemon Go

    Apparently a group of 6 took down Moltres in our local area. For me Friday is dedicated to seeking out new raids and new legendaries... and boldly going where no-one has raided before* *possibly an exaggeration as we are heading back into London!
  15. Post your lfcc pics here!

    That would have been the Dean Cain queue I would imagine! I survived pretty well tbh! Managed words and everything! (My inner teenager turned up for a little while! She doesn't get out much these days!)