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  1. I honestly gasped out loud in happiness at this one. While I know he has been to a great many Con's, it always seems to be on the day that I don't go! But not this year!! Well next year. Thrilled to bits!
  2. fissijo

    2019 Anniversaries

    25th anniversary for Space Precinct. (I realise that I am possibly the only one who cares about that one!)
  3. fissijo

    Autographs aquired in 2018

    We were autograph hunting at the back of the stage where riders were being interviewed - he was the other side of the barrier getting pictures with the riders! (and occasionally coming over to show the gang of us assembled barrier dwellers the pictures!). I just resisted referring to Julian Ryder (commentator) as "the bus driver from Red Dwarf" to the fellow fans as well!
  4. fissijo

    Autographs aquired in 2018

    As always a whole bunch of motorsports sorts who would be of little interest to most but believe me have given me a LOT of joy these past few weekends. (couple of F1 champions, some MotoGP race winners) And Danny John Jules. (On my ticket for the motorsports event we saw him at! Ashamed at our fellow bike fans who were asking us who he was!)
  5. fissijo

    LFCC 2018: Highs and Lows

    Highs - Getting to speak briefly to Meatloaf, I always go into photo sessions with low expectations - just acknowledging existence is usually enough for me. He went above and beyond, clearly in pain but totally seemed to want to make the whole experience something to remember for everyone. The 'Allo 'Allo cast, I wasn't expecting them to be in costume all day, especially in that heat! True stars, another fantastically fun photo session and they always seemed to be smiling when we passed by their tables. A hug from David Duchovny. I don't need to say anything more I think! Lows - A personal low - the David Tennant announcement coming when I was physically and financially broken. Great guest and well done for getting him, but totally the wrong timing for me. Heart breaking (but as we were saying after the DD photo maybe now y'all have gotten him to come out and play once we may get him back in the future *crosses fingers*) I'm going to echo the Miranda Richardson comments, totally felt like a waste of my birthday money buying that photo session (even going by my admittedly very low expectations!), I hate my photo, HATE it. It felt so awkward I couldn't get close so it looks more like an over the table photo. (plus side, had some lovely chats to people waiting for that session so there was a positive at least!)
  6. fissijo

    The “Thank You” Thread

    Can I also add a massive thank you to all the fellow con-goers I spoke to - especially on Saturday. There were a couple of wobbly "why the hell did I decide to spend my birthday on my own in a massive crowd" moments and y'all helped wonderfully having a wee natter in the queue's.
  7. fissijo

    Saturday queue feedback

    I don't understand why a 3-day entry band should get priority over someone who has a 1 day entry in the main queue... For the person (I'm sorry I don't remember who) who commented on the stationary queue outside at opening on Saturday - one of the security ladies commented to me as I passed (she was marvelling at the queue still to come) that they HAD to stop people going through bag check as the inside was totally full at open. Once it was safe to do so they started letting people in again.
  8. If I'd had a sharpie in my bag I would have written it once I got my bearings! (HOW can I go to a con and not take a pen!!)
  9. Some of the VQ boards could definitely have done with being higher up - some were stuck onto the fuzzy boards where the crew were stood so totally obscured most of the time. Agree with a central "this is what's going on at the biggest people's queue's" board - like the stars along the back wall and those in the boxes - updated with the latest and slightly away from where they are might reduce a bit of the crowding. And once again, and I will say it until it happens... YOU ARE HERE stars on the maps. Trying to figure out which hall is which by stair placement (and where that is in comparison to where you are and want to be) is a pain in the rump when you're trying to get to a certain photo area in time for a shoot. (slightly unrelated but the screens above the door in YALC were showing "no access" for floors 0 and 1 at lunchtime Saturday, I was worried for a stressy moment I was stranded up there with no way out!!)
  10. fissijo

    Saturday queue feedback

    Even getting a day ticket scanned took all of 2 seconds - I was really impressed with how quickly they got us in on Saturday tbh, from queuing outside out of sight of the entrance at doors opening (because the entry hall was full) to inside the con by 9:35.
  11. fissijo

    Post your LFCC photos here.

    LFCC 2018 (I still can't quite believe that happened, or that I had the nerve to ask for a Birthday hug!) LFCC 2018 LFCC 2018 (possibly one of my favourite moments of Friday - we saw the Fallen Madonna with the Big B**bies!!)r LFCC 2018 (Meatloaf and "Hotdog Vinegar" as he decided my cosplay was! Delightful man life highlight right there!) I also have one with Miranda Richardson on Saturday but I don't like it much, there's about a foot between us and I look weirder than usual!
  12. fissijo

    The “Thank You” Thread

    I said it in another post but I'll add it here too - Ben who was running Photo A on Friday was amazing with the delayed/slow running AM shoot for Meatloaf and looking after those of us who he had to send away (Batch 1) because we were never going to make it in. I know my mum was stressed out that she wouldn't get her picture in the PM shoot (and couldn't return during the weekend - still haunted by the last minute Friday cancellation of Chris Judge last year I think) and his wonderful-ness and help for his "special 20" was super-human. I promised her I would come in here and sing his praises on her behalf. All of the crew I spoke to during the show were friendly and helpful and wonderful also, though I didn't catch any other names. I think (hope) we all appreciate that there wouldn't be a show for us to come to and spend our hard earned cash at without the fantastic volunteers. So a massive THANK YOU to the blue and red shirted masses (and those behind the scenes we don't get to see).
  13. fissijo

    Answers to FAQ

    There's a table up on the first floor outside the signing area with them all (next to the one selling cardboard tubes and autograph protectors and by one of the stairs)
  14. fissijo

    What did you get signed?

    I think I would have rioted if there wasn't one! tbh if there had been a Blackadder one I liked I would have probably paid the extra and gotten both!
  15. fissijo

    The “Thank You” Thread

    Photo A on Friday was being run by Ben, and bloomin' marvelous he was at it too! His handling of the (nuts) Meatloaf AM shoot was brilliant, down to making sure those of us who were Batch 1 who stood waiting in the queue for most of the session got through the PM session as a priority. It was very much appreciated. I didn't catch the name of the Pit Boss I spoke to in the morning yesterday, but he took my concerns about some of the queue lengths seriously and it was definitely better later in the day when I passed through (open queues round by the cafe were almost to the wall - there was a very small gap for people to pass)