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Latest Guest Announcement - EMILY PERKINS


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Latest Guest Announcement - Emily Perkins

Appearing: Saturday and Sunday

Autograph: £15

Photo Shoot: IT Kids Photo Shoot £75


IT - Young Beverly Marsh
Ginger Snaps - Brigitte
Da Vinci's Inquest - Sue Lewis / Carmen
Supernatural - Becky Rosen / Becky Rosen-Winchester




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16 hours ago, Kuato_Lives said:

I'm really excited at this announcement, I love Ginger Snaps. When will the single photoshoots for her go on sale?

I hope so too, auto will be done but photo would be so cool. For me it is X-Files/In Cold Blood.

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23 minutes ago, Kuato_Lives said:

I'm hoping Emily will do table photos since I'm pretty sure there won't be a single photoshoot added for her to the store at this point, could be wrong, would be nice if there were some added though.

Agree. No offence to the others in the IT gang but I have noticed several ppl who are requesting she would have her own photo op because of other works in popular shows.

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