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  1. Nooo, that's such a shame.
  2. Wow, quality guest. Full Metal Jacket 10x8 for me!
  3. Great guest! Been hoping for William for years. Will add him to my aliens poster and get an 8x10 considering his price. Loving the aliens guests.
  4. Jabba90

    Latest Guest Announcement - LISA & LOUISE BURNS

    Wow! I wasn't going until now! Great guests.
  5. Best announcement of the evening for me! Very happy, need Barbara for my poster and may get an 8x10. The more aliens guests the better!
  6. Al Matthews, Barbara Coles, William Hope, Cynthia Scott and Paul Reiser would be amazing. Would love to meet more of the cast again as I couldn't afford an auto on my poster and a 10x8.
  7. Jabba90

    Twin Peaks

    Perfect time for Twin peaks guests this summer to go along nicely with the new series!
  8. Finally an AHS guest! Please try and get some more freak show guests!
  9. Jabba90

    RoboCop (1987)

    Ray Wise would be cool, he was also in twin peaks. I may be completely wrong but I'm sure I've seen comments that Peter weller has been very grumpy at previous signings.
  10. Jabba90

    Twin Peaks

    Twin peaks cast would be great. Especially kyle maclachlan!!
  11. Jabba90

    Guest Suggestions

    Some Twin Peaks cast original and new would be great!
  12. Jabba90

    Latest Guest Announcement - ROBERT PATRICK

    Fantastic guest! T1000 has always been a favourite film character of mine, will get autos for T2 and Fire in the Sky.
  13. Jabba90

    Guest Suggestions

    Kyle maclachlan please, or any cast from twin peaks.
  14. Jabba90

    Guest Suggestions

    Anyone from twin peaks or American horror story