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Now how about John Glover & Julian Sands. Imagine having a duo photo op with Clark, Lionel & Jor-EL. Two were father figures to clark and one was his father. How epic and tearjerking would that be 

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That is FANTASTIC news. :YAHOO: Thank you Netflix! I'm so glad I have an account with them. I've been watching on Amazon Prime, 'cause that's been the only way for UK to watch (Fox over here is behind by one season for some reason). I wonder if that means Amazon Prime UK will continue to put the show on there or because it's now on Netflix it won't? Will it be distributed to Netflix UK? Still, either way, the fact that they have saved the show has made thousands upon thousands of Lucifer fans really happy. The twitter campaign and other social media noise worked! :D

Don't think Tom will return to S4, due to plot reasons but I'm sure he is just as happy about the news as he is a fan of the show himself. Really pleased to receive the news before the event! :D

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5 minutes ago, DullyEL said:

Toms talk will probably be the most knteresting one for me to attend. I'm going to attempt to stand and ask a question and I have zero confidence standing in frojt of a room full of people.

Just picture them all in their underwear. Then you'll be fine. Unless I'm there. You don't want to see that! ;)

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