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  1. A day or two before the announcement I enquired about a refund in the form of a voucher which I preferred. I only received a voucher for the entry ticket and not photoshoot, I enquired again but no response, not sure if that's meant to be the case?
  2. This announcement has got me to post again, I was seriously comtemplating whether or not to go this year but This announcement pushed me to book my entry ticket as well as a Photo Op. Breaking Bad is in my top 3 favourite TV Shows of all time!!!
  3. They haven't announced the 3 legends have they?
  4. I kept looking into the shop to ready to buy friday tickets especially and I suppose its another few hundred saved I guess :)
  5. I just pray that its an announcement that went up to soon and that it was real
  6. I was in a restaraunt and I was shaking with excitement, So happy my friends were asking why I sas so happy and shaking now I'm a little gutted. But all is olay I guess
  7. Well im on an evening out. If I scream with excitement in the restaraunt, I don't care.
  8. If it's Hugh Jackman or Keanu Reeves. I probably wont make it to LFCC cus I'll most likely be dead
  9. I'll be going out tonight but mind will be solely focused on the announcements. :)
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