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  1. Guest Suggestions

    Well, I met Henry Cavill today at the premiere, what an awesome human being. Absoloutely brilliant. No words. I asked him for a selfie in spite of two people being in front of me, He replied say "Of Course, One minute". He continued signing then came back to me, took my phone and shot a great selfie. Bring him to LFCC please!!
  2. Very pleased with how popular he's turning out to be. :)
  3. But, wouldn't their main press for MI6 have finished by then. The london is tomorrow which I'll be attending tomorrow, the Paris Premiere is happening now.
  4. So, they've been able to Added Jason for Friday, what if they have actually bagged Cavill? To accomodate for the full weekend or even ben.
  5. What about Blofields cat? Id we can't mention a certain agent. Can we have spam. Would be awesome to have Honour Blackman to.
  6. New forum rule = No Bond names mentioned. Can we inforce that SM hahaha :)
  7. Please don't mention 007s name. Any of them. I agree with this.
  8. In all honesty as much as I want Henry Cavill or a big Marvel Guest. Will be seeing Henry Cavill tomorrow, I shoupd invite him to LFCC? I don't think any announcement will be bigger than Tom Welling for me. Never have I shaken so much to an announcement or cried as when he was announced. On my way to London so today may go quickly for the announcement.
  9. Please be a Marvel guest please!!
  10. I sneak in to the stock room anyway or if it's dead on the shop floor I'll whip my phone out and take a quick look.
  11. The wait for 7pm is now going to be so much worse
  12. The country will need cheering up after that. Hope you got a good one in the bag SM! We have faith in you now.
  13. Nooooooooo!!! I'll have a mob come for me at LFCC. Nooo!!