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  1. Brilliant I guess so far it’s officially Aaron Paul & Robbie Coltrane so far this year :)
  2. Has Aaron Paul been added back on to the shop? Has he been reconfirmed?
  3. I agree if this pandemic has taught us anything, grab every chance you can get haha
  4. Robbie Coltrane and I really do hope Aaron Paul rescheduled so for now it will be them two :) Robbie Coltrane - I really don’t know whether to have him sign a James Bond 8x10 of Harry Potter but I’m a much bigger Bond fan than I am Harry Potter so I’m leaning towards a signed The World Is Not Enough photo.
  5. Hey, it was a silly mistake on my half on being half blind the first time but caught it in the end. But Thank you :)
  6. Tom Welling & Michael Rosenbaum. I have met them both at different LFCC events. Would love to have them both at the same event for a Duo op!!!
  7. Great announcement, this is a good sign of an incoming strong lineup from an already strong one :) can’t wait!!! :)
  8. Thank you :) I’ve just figured it out, I didn’t spot the ‘Enter Promo Code’ bit til now haha :)
  9. I'm trying to book tickets through eventbrite with my Refund Vouchers but when arriving at checkout, it doesn't show me any option to use them? I've tried on the App and a desktop. Any help? Am i missing something? thank you :)
  10. By the way, how do we use our refund vouchers on Eventbrite? Can we use them on the app or does it need to be a desktop? :)
  11. “Exciting news! We have big guest announcements for multiple events happening tomorrow starting at 7pm!!! Who are you hoping we announce?” as posted on their Facebook page. So it begins!!! :) I’ve missed this so much :)
  12. Always enjoy seeing him pop up in a lot of stuff. A very cool guest indeed and a good sign this will go ahead :)
  13. A day or two before the announcement I enquired about a refund in the form of a voucher which I preferred. I only received a voucher for the entry ticket and not photoshoot, I enquired again but no response, not sure if that's meant to be the case?
  14. This announcement has got me to post again, I was seriously comtemplating whether or not to go this year but This announcement pushed me to book my entry ticket as well as a Photo Op. Breaking Bad is in my top 3 favourite TV Shows of all time!!!
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