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  1. It’s on Now TV If you get a chance to watch. It’s very adult orientated in the same nature as the boys.
  2. Love him Banshee as much as in The Boys so that would be an awesome guest :)
  3. Looks like a few guest announcements tonight, a first time signer and a big guest announcement :)
  4. Brilliant I guess so far it’s officially Aaron Paul & Robbie Coltrane so far this year :)
  5. Has Aaron Paul been added back on to the shop? Has he been reconfirmed?
  6. Diamond pass it is and extra auto haha
  7. I agree if this pandemic has taught us anything, grab every chance you can get haha
  8. Robbie Coltrane and I really do hope Aaron Paul rescheduled so for now it will be them two :) Robbie Coltrane - I really don’t know whether to have him sign a James Bond 8x10 of Harry Potter but I’m a much bigger Bond fan than I am Harry Potter so I’m leaning towards a signed The World Is Not Enough photo.
  9. Hey, it was a silly mistake on my half on being half blind the first time but caught it in the end. But Thank you :)
  10. Tom Welling & Michael Rosenbaum. I have met them both at different LFCC events. Would love to have them both at the same event for a Duo op!!!
  11. Great announcement, this is a good sign of an incoming strong lineup from an already strong one :) can’t wait!!! :)
  12. Thank you :) I’ve just figured it out, I didn’t spot the ‘Enter Promo Code’ bit til now haha :)
  13. I'm trying to book tickets through eventbrite with my Refund Vouchers but when arriving at checkout, it doesn't show me any option to use them? I've tried on the App and a desktop. Any help? Am i missing something? thank you :)
  14. By the way, how do we use our refund vouchers on Eventbrite? Can we use them on the app or does it need to be a desktop? :)
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