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  1. DullyEL

    Who are you meeting!?

    KEIFER KEIFEF KEIFER!!! I met almost everyone who had a massive and personal impact of my childhood at LFCC last year. KEIFER is the last one. I think 24 was the reason I had failed my GCSES. haha
  2. I'm crying I don't want an announcement just yet. Haven't got over July jusf yet. Well I was starting to but this made me reminisce all over again and now I'm crying. Oh heck bring on 19'!!
  3. Wow, there's 9 months to go!!! I wonder if it's someone who was at 'Destination star trek'. What if it's George Takei, maybe they've signed him for DST and LFCC. I would be happy if it's Jason Isaac as I didn't go to DST
  4. DullyEL

    Guest Suggestions

    The moment I meet any James Bond is when my life is complete. Any James Bond would do even George. Timothy Dalton would be legendary.
  5. DullyEL

    Digital JPEG idea.

    Now! It's definitely something the SM crew has considered before and havd thought it wasn't feasible. I wonder if they have though thought about instilling the idea of having a system of 'Digital Addon'. It can be done and I'm sure people would be willing to pay for an instant download option. I myself would everytime. I wonder if it would be considered in the near future.
  6. DullyEL

    Guest interactions.

    I'm not entirely sure if I've given my two cents on this thread yet but the Smallville guests were absoloutely incredible. True stars of the highest calibre. Tom Welling - was my first shoot of the weekend. I froze a little when it got to my turn, anxiety started kicking in. Tom just went come over here my man. Fist bumped, shook my hand. I thanked him for everything. And he said appreciate that. Zachary Levi - Again, got a little starstruck. Like Smallville Chuck was part of my childhood. Snapped the photo and it turned out awesome. Told him as leaving the shoot "Chuck meant a lot to me, Thank you". He replied with "Oh, Thank you". He seemed abit shocked. I guess it was cus I was wearing a Superman tee and probably thought I was there to meet him for Shazam. I was upset I missed his talk having needed to go to another shoot. Tom Welling & John Schneider Duo - This was the greatest photo opportunity in all my time of going to cons. I was going to burst into tears with all the banter. John Schneider started to laugh as I went to shake Toms hand first even though John was closer to the queue. John grabbed me and came to shake my hand. I told John & Tom. "Smallville was a big part of my childhood, thank you". Tom replied "Mine to". All burst into laughter and that moment got caught on camera. That became my favourite Photo Op of all time. Peter Weller - His Photo Op was late. Robocop was one of the first films I had ever watched as a child. And one of my favourite films of all time. Although Peter was reserved and didn't say anything but he shook my hand ans was ready for the photo. I know not to expect much from anyone. Peter must have been tired due to age Autograph sessions: John Schneider - I wasn't going to get his autograph but decided I had to for Smallville. I took my uncle and his two children to the con. My uncle grew up watching Dukes Of Hazzard who then introduced his daughter to it. They missed the Dukes talk due to train delays. I said to them I'll get his autograph, you come with me and you can interact. I went to get his Auto. My uncle first had a chat with him took photos with them, a few. I had photos with him to. Then he signed the autograph to me. I mentioned to him "Your role as Johnathon Kent during the Seaosn 10 Era was something that made me tear up so often, each time you showed up, your Relationship with Clark was the best father and son duo ive ever seen on television". He was listening, signing autograph ans was shocked to see he wrote "Abdullah, Always Hold On To Smallville". Incredible. Wanted to cry when I noticed it on the autograph. Tom Welling - I was a diamond Pass holder for Tom. Got his Autograph later in the day. Told him how Smallville was a big part of my childhood again, probably got sick of hearing that which I joked to him. I said I met Michael last year. He said "Keep it going, My man". He signed my auto "You rock". That was the Saturday. Now lets mention the unplanned Sunday due to the Eruption David Tennants announcement caused throughout the venue. My uncle and his fam had never been to a con before. Their favourite was david. So, we bought tickets for Sunday and had managed to get his Op. I bought one to and had bought another Photo Op for Zachary Levi. Zachary Levi - I went to get his Auto first thing which I hadn't planned. Again, had an amazing chat with him. And it all led to a tearjerking moment later in during his photo op. I asked for a Chuck pose. He remembered That I mentioned it in His Auto. Then as the photo was done he goes to me "Thank you for seeing me again, Abdullah, my brother". Shook hands and left the studio. I was abit shaking a lot and could feel tears. It was amazing. David Tennant - The photo shoot was a great experience. He was so cool, shoet interaction but a great photo. I for one loved the atmosphere david caused. From the cheer for his arrival. Down to the Photo. Beautiful event, thank you Showmasters. Heres to 2019!!!
  7. DullyEL

    Guest Suggestions

    Tom Welling John Schneider Michael Rosenbaum Bring back all three, have met them at this year and last years LFCC. Would meet them again and again. Add Annette O'Toole & Erica Durance. Kristin Kreuk & Aaron Ashmore. I'd pay for every single one.
  8. DullyEL

    Guest Cancellation - Val Kilmer

    Received email on the 27th. Not entirely sure if I recived it. Track it down regularly. It does say up to 7 days. Will give it til wednesday.
  9. DullyEL

    Main Stage Talks.

    Ohhh that confirms it. Thank you :) I'll stop looking. :)
  10. Were any of the talks filmed and uploaded? Would love to have seen Zachary Levi & Peter Weller talks which I sadly missed.
  11. I just want to say thank you for capturing my most perfect and natural photo op of any con of all time. I must have seen you about 3 times during the saturday for two tom welling shoots and this duo. I asked for a Portrait photo each time and you kindly obliged, thank you. Tom & John wanted to have a bit of banter with everyone before the photo so it could be caught on camera. Absoloutely love it.
  12. DullyEL


    Hey, don't worry about it. Showmasters have responded and said, "It's probably the Zachary Levi ticket bought over the weekend". If it is so then I'm perfectly fine with that.
  13. DullyEL


    I ordered a Zachary Levi Photo Opnon the Eventbrite appnon the Saturday night after the con for a Sunday op.but that was taken out straight away.
  14. DullyEL

    Photoshoots online???

    I'll wait for a month. They've still gotta get through Collectormania. I'm sure they'll priorotise which event was first. As much as I love Jpegs and Would like them, I'll wait as long as needs be. Knowing how busy SM are with everything right now.
  15. DullyEL


    It's not the event anymore so don't know how that's possible. Had the most beautiful event of all time. This seems to be a mistake which has been messaged Showmasters shop so will wait for it to be rectified which will probably be next week. I was expecting a £56 refund for Val Kilmer, do you think I was accidentally charged rather than refunded? Has anyone else seen this on their account.