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  1. DullyEL

    Statement From Jason

    I've not booked any yet so hoping to be excited, bring it!! :)
  2. Glad we only have to wait two days and not over a week :)
  3. The frames are provided by a stall called 'Autograph Show one stop shop' ASOSS. I bought a few last year to
  4. Yesss It's Casey. Would be amazing if they announced Zachary Levi again and hopefully bring Yvonne Strahovski to.
  5. The group photo isn't in the shop yet from what I can see?
  6. COBRA KAI!! COBRA KAI!!! I imagined a Group Photo Op before opening the thread and shocked to see how reasonable the cost is. It has to happen!!
  7. 6 Hours and 45 minutes to go!!
  8. Ahhhh booked my travel which means peperation has already begun. Makes the wait for announcement easier to bear.
  9. The week has felt so long already :O :O
  10. Using the word big hasn't cause much hype in the latest announcements changing it to great changes things which make me more excited which means the week will drag on forever. I hope that excitememts not a big mistake.
  11. Michael Keaton please!!
  12. DullyEL

    Big guest announcement wednesday @7pm

    I do hope the Guest announced tonight is one I really want. Either way I'm excited :)
  13. DullyEL

    Big guest announcement wednesday @7pm

    According to SMs Instagram story. More than one Guest Announcement tonight at 7. Im guessing a big one and a few more :)
  14. I've attended every LFCC since I began attending conventions since 2013. And each year has gotten better. Last year was something that truly changed my life, it had every actor that I had dreamed of meeting on the Television side of things for so long and they weren't announced til May last year. Now, no-one sparks my interest yet but I'm not worried as I hope and shall expect moet announcements to be made around same time as it will be closer to the event. Its still an amazing line-up so far juat waiting for that special announcement to give me the push to book. Bring it on!!! :)