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  1. I know. The app was wrong. Would have been great if he was 10 but woudn't be logical.
  2. Extra Help is in H but it's the same that single day tickets. Will be there a separate queue?
  3. A bit confused for Sunday as both normal entry and extra help are at te same place. How will it work for extra help please?
  4. Shame the website had a few mistakes like this one and prices for some guests. I do see the annoucements on social media but then always update my spreasheet using the website
  5. She seems very nice with people but she was not with me and I am disappointed. She chatted to the people in front of me as she seems to know them from other events. I gave her the photo and say hi. She just ignored me, chatted quickly to the person behind me. She handed the photo back to me without a word.
  6. I couldn't find his table this morning so I asked a couple of pit bosses. The first one told me that he was supposed to be there and to look around again. The other one told me that he was not in. I jsut checked the website again: Days Any updates?
  7. so no wristband. What happens if we want to go outside and back?
  8. Just for clarification: I will be coming tomorrow and in addition of my entry wristband, I will also need the extra help one and need to collect my diamond pass. Where should I queue tomorrow please? Alos, it starts at 10h00, doesn't it?
  9. We can't collect extra help and day entry pass today, correct?
  10. Which day will his talk be so I can buy my diamond pass? Thanks
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