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TV guests over the 3 days

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We are allowed to have up to 4x TV and Film Guests a day at this event so who do you think would be a nice guest to have .


We can't have guests that will kill the Shopping Centre but we can still have some real nice guests


Maybe a Doctor Who or a cast member from Red Dwarf someone like this a fun nice guest someone that fits the show ?


Lets see who you want to meet...?


jason :WAVE:

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Damian Lewis? Or would he be too big?

Bernard Cribbens, Michelle Ryan, Noel Clark, Roy Marsden? All possibly big enough to appeal to a variety of people without necessarily killing the centre...


maybe one day we will see the main cast of band of brothers, surely one day? please!!!

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What about Chris Tarrant?


Or all the Gadget Show Presenters?


Also as an idea, what about Veronica Taylor who voiced Ash in Pokémon? Or other voice actors for Pokémon? I have veronica's contact details so let me know if you need them SM

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sharpe guests


classic gladiators


lala ward


craig charles & chloe annette


the hoff


spooks guests


terrance dicks


ex glamour model teresa may


these guests apply for any event ;-)


Norris McWhirter from the Record Breakers TV show ?


Blue Peter presenters


Multi-Coloured Swap Shop guests ? John Craven,Maggie Philbin, Keith Chegwin ?


just a thought ?




Konnie Huq!!!!!!!!!!!

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There are load of Buffy / Angel guests that are not so big they would cause a rampage, but big enough to attract a reasonable turn out:


Sarah Hagan

Bailey Chase

Lindsay Crouse

Jason Hall

Fab Filippo

Bianca Lawson

Julia Lee

Eric Balfour

Dagney Kerr

Kristy Wu

K. Todd Freeman

Larry Bagby

Adam Kaufman

Jeff Ricketts

David Denman

Azura Skye

Elizabeth Anne Allen

Paige Moss

Clara Bryant

Phina Oruche

Andy Umberger

Andrew J. Ferchland

Ethan Erickson

Harry Groener


Any of those would be great

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Would Annette Crosbie be to big? as she did One Foot in the Grave and was in Dr Who? Or even Richard Wilson, but am thinking that he may be too big!!


Maureen Lipman?


Bruno Langley?


Shane Ritchie?


Im not sure, problem here is alot of TV guests I think would bring in a large crowd, cause people would watch them every day so would have a big fan base?

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I would not underestimate the potential of kids' programmes guests . From the CBBC you could get any actor from Tracy Beaker, Relic, Sarah Jane Adventure, Dick and Dom etc. Many of us convention maniacs have kids and they would love to have their share of fun. My son (7 yrs) is usually dragged by force (under the promise of no less than 3 toys and 2 ice creams) to conventions and gets bored easily but he once loved to meet the trio from SJA and has some memorable pictures to show his friends.

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Old Doctor Who guests -main cast or guest stars from the new series that cross over into other non fantasy series


Classic sit com and/ or detective series stars


Blue Peter presenters thrugh the years


people to attract a parof the regular collectormania audience and also the shopping centre audience




Can i also say its brilliant going back to the shopping centre. the best venue. cant wait

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