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  1. will captains chair upgrades be possible should ppl wish from normal shoots?
  2. great news, more Apollo guests please especially now autographica is gone
  3. It really is a shame this show seems to have been abandoned, at the very least i wish they could incorporate it into another show like CM or LFCC... hell even their newely acquired london film fair, an autographica area, they had a few guests at destination star trek, would love to see more at other events
  4. apparently shes going to be in marvels punisher series, maybe now she will be on SMs radar? i can but dream
  5. fav - the war games least fav, lets kill hitler, the next doctor, actually its time of the doctor,
  6. Jolene Blalock and Patrick Stewart are big wants from me, this event really needs a tent pole and more USPS to compete with its vegas counterpart imo. ferengi family in make up is a good start even if costly, linda is a good start too as shes rare ish, im in regardless but hoping for a couple ive not met, like Jolene, that would be a coup for DST
  7. its a slippery slope, prices are already rising, some to silly levels, i wouldnt be happy paying £5 (or who knows how much) for a dedication, i raised an eyebrow when i saw it on the pre order site. i also wouldnt be happy paying for a table photo on my camera if im already buying an autograph. quotes should be allowed if there isnt time constraint issues with time and queues, if no issues, then fine, allow but if issues ala david bradley, then no, massive quotes shouldnt be allowed and later on, i think his agent stopped them. blue shirt staff said that they had been later on. but many in the day got big quotes. i do think a £5 charge for a table photo on your camera is ok IF you're not buying an autograph. charity donations if legitimate are also fine with me, cons ive been to most leave it up to you, even just a quid is ok, one other event ive been to charged £5 yeah, but this soon adds up, im glad Jason has said there will never be a table pic charge, shame half the guests are no posed pics these days though lol ;-)
  8. golds getting priority is fine, they pay for it but if 60 golds just keep going round with the same guest over and over, thats an issue and that probably means they are also dealers. not saying that happened but something was well off with DB;s queue sunday, very off, not seen it like this before. i was in pamela andersons queue sunday and the guy in front of me got 20+ things singed and most were the same image, like 2 or 3 images multiple times, no dedication on any, he barely looked at her, everyone was waiting thinking the same thing, its ridicules, something should be done about dealers especially if they are actively allowed to do this, not sure what, mind, but its unfair on fans especially fans who miss out, a dealer gets 20 (40 or 50 from david bradley) to sell on ebay or their stalls and some fans miss out entirely. pamela even muttered, thats a lot of the same photo,
  9. it was about 4.15 when she returned on sudnay to sign. i met her friday and sunday and she was lovely both times as she was in her talk on sunday, its a real shame, a big disappointment that the photos are poor lighting/flash wise :-( my friday one is awful its like its so over exposed, sunday is better but still not great, worth noting sunday was giles, friday was not and also friday they spent a good bit of time testing it before the shoot started and still its poor.
  10. showmasters were involved in the german event i assume, as its been mentioned on here, the few ive seen from that event seem better than LFCC ones, id be interested to know what the difference was, personally, i had no time to queue at the sales desk, friday i had a train to cardiff at 3.30 and pretty much left after the Pamela shoot and today i spent almost the entire day in guest queues and alot of that trying to get david bradley. right up until 6pm the thought of trying for a refund and claiming the JPEG later never occurred to me until tonight, unlucky for me lol, im honest, i wouldnt have done that.
  11. and others got none, but ill say this, some ppl got more than 5 autos (40?) and that sticks in ppls craws, as I said before, i saw a woman crying at missing out yet dealers get loads done, be on sale tomorrow.
  12. you know what, i agree with this, they are well below an acceptable quality, my Friday one is poor and thats all because of the flash/lens used, (sunday ever so slughtly better) most of us will want the JPEG now even on a poor pic to try our best to salvage it and we will pay a fiver for the pleasure. and some ppl who somehowe got refunds can still get the JPEG, £40 saved for them. so frustrating, i found Pamela to be lovely in person at her signing table, in the shoot and in her talk. its a shame we all got sub par quality pics to tarnish a lovely meet with a lovely woman.
  13. why wasnt a restriction put on, on how many items you can get in one go is what id like to know, especially when it was looking so bad late on, so a dealer can get 50 and walk straight in? and many a regular fan gets nothing and queues all day for that nothing.
  14. something was really off with the david bradley line today, still 1-20 at 3pm? crew said it was because of golds, (3pm-6pm it went no higher than 1-120) ive heard some ppl got 40 things singed. many ppl, who got vts early for him, myself included who was in at 09.15 and my friend who was in dead on doors near the front all missed out. I saw one young woman crying around 5pm, he wasnt THAT slow a signer, the fact he had 3 shoots (2 on an 80s console green screen set) and that he was 40 minutes late returning from his talk were big factors. but something was really off with that line especially before 3pm only being on 1-20 for so long. very disappointing.
  15. is this true? and they can easily buy the jpeg later too, £40 saved, ffs. Pamela was one of my dream guests too, spent a fortune on her, very upset with the quality of the "professional" photos, surely more could have been done to appease pamela and give us better quality photos, im also hoping the Jpegs look slightly better
  16. gotta say i was very disappointed with the photo on Friday, ive seen photos from the German event and they aren't as bad as these, surely more can be done to appease Pamela and give us a better "professional" photo!? i think we were all seeing circles for 5 minutes after, im hoping tomorrows photo might be slightly better as todays seem to be ever so slightly from what ive seen? (i was elsewhere today) and im also hoping the JPEG is better but yeah, VERY disappointing for me :-(
  17. disappointed no shoots on sunday, if theres a no posed photos sign up on sunday ill be upset
  18. and yes, strange no baywatch items in the pre order store, surely that wont be the case on site?
  19. clarification of if anything isnt permitted or if there are extra charges for certain stuff would be appreciated please showmasters
  20. I met Diane last weekend at a convention, shes lovely, would love to see her at more events
  21. yep hes very obtainable, massive shame showmasters dont seem to have him on their radar, very strange
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