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  1. Awesome! It would be nice to have more cast from Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes. Please. Please. Please.
  2. There are different ways. You may start reading recent graphic novels/series or go to the very beginning. Personally, I would suggest to start reading Marvel comics from the beginning, i.e. the very first issues by Stan Lee from the 1960s. There are a lot of editions out there collecting the first issues. Stories might look slow paced and drawings outdated but they will show how it all started and they are entertaining. Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, Captain America, The Avengers and Daredevil are a must. As per DC Comics, instead, I wouldn't start from the beginning, i.e. from the 1930s (stories look too childish to modern standards), but from the most recent adventures, early 1990s onwards (you may always go back later, if you wish). I would suggest the followings as a starting point: -Batman: stories related to The death of the second Robin -Superman: stories related to The death of Superman -The Flash: stories by Grant Morrison. -Green Lantern: stories by Geoff Johns -Wonder Woman: stories by John Byrne. For a fresh look at the characters of the Golden Age (i.e. DC in the 1930s) I recommend the mini-series The Golden Age by James Robinson. Just my opinion, obviously. Hope it helps.
  3. I live very close (Clacton) and was delighted when they announced Colchester Sportsmania but last Saturday I was in London (at a concert at the RAH, booked months before). I know the stadium well: it is small but it is new and functional; I really would like to know how it went in terms of attendance and venue suitability. Certainly, the event lasted only for a few hours, as many guests were available during the 11-14 slot and this probably didn't encourage a lot of people to attend.
  4. Excellent cinematography (especially the first 10 minutes) and special effects; there is also a good balanced mix of drama and action with a little dash of humour. I think Apocalypse's motives could have been stated in a better way. As someone else pointed out, it is maybe the weakest of the trilogy but as a superhero movie is very enjoyable. Anyway, I liked it more than CA:Civil War.
  5. Noooo. Hopefully, there will be more The Flash guests.
  6. Another week has passed and I still haven't received any reply from SM regarding my case. Thank you for taking care of the matter, Queen, but I now believe Jason has decided to choose the easy way: ignore my problem. Simple and effective. After all, what am I going to do about it? The answer is: nothing. I am very disappointed and disillusioned with SM. I don't think this is the way to treat fans/customers, considering I had told SM I was ready to accept ANY decision. Sorry, SM, not your finest hour.
  7. Sorry, I didn't get that. I sent it from my private email. Edited by Queen_Sindel, Today, 10:50 AM. E-Mail address removed after noting down - will be forwarded as promised. Thank you again, Queen.
  8. Sorry, I didn't get that. I sent it from my private email.
  9. I sent my email to info@showmastersevents.comand info@showmastersonline.com. This was after Jason complained about the fact that I made my issue "public" on the forum, i.e. the problem was well known to SM. Jason said on the forum he would look into it. As a reminder, I just say it was about my son's picture with MJF. I had asked twice the pit boss in red shirt to have it retaken but he refused and insisted the picture was great. I honestly think that after 25 days SM should have taken a decision about it: some form of compensation? An apology? A confirmation that it is a great picture? As I said before, I have supported SM form many years and they have always been efficient at solving issues. I don't understand why they are not even communicating, this time. The explanation that LFCC has been a very busy event with a lot of things to do afterwards is beginning to lose consistency.
  10. Exactly! I have dealt with SM in the past (I have been attending their shows since 2004!) via emails on various issues and always had a fairly quick reply. That is why now I am worried that I am just being ignored.
  11. That is understandable. More people attending means more (possible) issues arising. SM really need to employ more people to go over the many mails received.
  12. I am too waiting for a response on the infamous MJF picture. It is really hard to believe it takes so long to solve such simple problem. Considering that in 4 days there will be Sheffield and then more events one after the other, I am worried that our LFCC problems will be overshadowed and buried by the (let's hope not) new ones arising from the oncoming conventions.
  13. Same here. Unfortunately, after such huge event it is taking longer than usual to deal with one-to-one issues. But I am positive: Showmasters never let me down in the past.
  14. Met her two years ago. Lovely lady, very chatty.
  15. If they are for personal use, I can't see why not to produce copies of it.
  16. I sent last Thursday, as you requested, a private message regarding my son's picture with MJF but I didn't get any reply from you, yet. Can you, or any of the moderators, please confirm if the email addresses I used are correct? As I was not sure, I sent my message using the form on the "Contact Us" page and I also sent it to info@showmastersevents.com and info@showmastersonline.com. I hope I have used the right address. Obviously, if you still need time to look into the matter, that is fine.
  17. Totally agree. I met David Lloyd. He was a great and chatty guest. He signed for free and drew a detailed sketch of the Vendetta mask for £7.
  18. Ah, sorry. My mistake. That model has the Mr Fusion converter, so a little rubbish will do.
  19. Sorry to break this to you, guys, but the convention was last week. However, if you get into the Prop Area you should find a perfectly functioning DeLorean that can take you back in time, so no worries. Just one thing: the plutonium is not included in the Gold Pass so you should bring some from home.
  20. Bergman issue is something i will look into , and if we are in the wrong i will work that out with him , i do feel that is should be a matter of talking to us directly through email and not in a public forum , the thread was closed no deleted as i am happy for people to read it but i did make a statement at the end and it did cover all the points brought up, as to Robert he did not feel he could do autographs after his make up shoot as he will have been in make up for over 6 hours by that time , so he asked that we tell people that is would not posable to happen after the shoot , hope that helps cover your points and Bergman do please contact us thanks you. Jason Thank you, Jason. I will switch the discussion to a more private channel.
  21. Although I can see your point and if it were me id want it retaken, it is a good enough reason to have it retaken and i think the crew should have allowed it, however going buy your sons facial expression and body language it appears his not to bothered by being next to MJF One more reason for having it retaken! My son was actually super excited but he got that kind of expression as he was a bit surprised by the people "directing" him and with the lights and the rest he got lost for a moment.
  22. Thank you for your comments; most of them make sense and I look forward at the improvements you promise for the next edition. Errors cannot be undone but can be avoided in the future. However, I wanted to point out, briefly, something that came up on the "Lack of Flexibility" thread. Since you locked the thread (preventing any possible reply to your message) I post here my reply. In your message regarding the possibility to have a picture retaken, you state: "if there is something that stands out like blinking or looking away or fuzzy image then we will tear the photo in half and put you back in the line at the front to get a re shoot , thats our policy and its what everyone is trained to do , but it is totally down to you to check the photo your self , you HAVE to look at it and decide if you are happy with it to not , it is not down to the crew to check for you , if the image is fine but you feel you do not like it then this is down to the head of crew to look at it and it is down to them , but you may not get a re shoot " So, I checked the picture myself and ask the man in the red shirt if my son could retake the picture but he refused (twice) stating that it was a good picture. As you can see in the picture below, my son is looking away - so your "trained" staff should have conceded a retake without even having me insisting twice. Now, I ask you if, in your opinion, my son's picture should have been retaken or not. If you think your crew member was right, I will accept your opinion and will not ask further questions. No grudge. See you at the next convention. If you think that my son has been denied the right possibility of a retake, I expect some form of compensation, in a form you deem appropriate. Cheers.
  23. That was probably due to the fact that when the first photoshoot started, most of the people (like myself) were still queuing outside; therefore, they all concentrated at the second chance.
  24. Don't worry. I am not shooting you (I usually hire a hitman for this types of operations ). Legitimate question. Firstly, while we were waiting, we stood in a sort of shady area; when we emerged from that to go and pose by MJF we needed a few seconds to adapt our eyes to a very illuminated area; plus, there were other people (2 or 3) next to the photographer and you really needed a couple of seconds before detecting him with your eyes. I mean, nothing major but the thing is that we were even denied the time to look where the objective lens was. Everything was really hectic. The photographer usually shouts "3...2...1!" before clicking: this gives a good indication that the picture is about to be taken but we didn't get it this time.
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