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  1. Hiya SM, just wonder if you will be warning us when any ticket sales get low... ie for William Wheaton's photo shoot? Given that this is a bit different to the usual shows? Thanks!!!
  2. Lizzy

    Entry Tickets Sales Update

    When do the online sales end?
  3. Lizzy

    validation problem

    ... And I'm never ordering on my work comp again!!
  4. Lizzy

    Validation query

    Haha, thanks QS. My Mum called me asking if she could go with me as I'm on my lonesome on Friday! And I did it too quickly for this stupid rust bucket. I actually clicked on it, that's what's bugging me!! I someone reads my name, they're just gonna say, trust Lizzy!! Thanks x
  5. Lizzy

    Validation query

    QS I've made a total newbie error and missed off the validation fee in a rush as my stupid work computer went too slowly for me and didn't register my click. Who do I contact to sort it, given the proximity to the show? It's for Friday entry. Bad day made worse :'( Thanks!!
  6. Lizzy

    Photo Thread

    I've zoomed in- his eyes are looking at the camera- maybe he just prefers his left side!
  7. Lizzy

    Photo Thread

    Hey Manga Girl, I'm the silver Seven of Nine- thanks for a great pic!! LOL you managed to get my backside meeting LeVar I'm not too displeased with my Bridge shoot- in fact, I love it! I scanned mine in and upped the brightness and it didn't look too bad. I anticipated it coming out much worse so I'm delighted how it did come out! I've bought the digital download now so I can tweak the brightness when I get back. Anyway, this is my scan (not the download) and it's from Facebook, so it's a little pixelated:
  8. Check the booking page. There is now a link to do a new order for photos only.
  9. I went to buytickets today and found that the solo photos for Jonathan had disappeared, as had the duo with Marina for Saturday (although Sunday is still there for the duo) and Colm Meaney is listed instead. Some of my friends have also checked and their order on see tickets lists Colm, not Jonathan. See tickets have been called and they have no clue. Can this be clarified asap please? Lots of worried people on Facebook...
  10. Lizzy

    LFCC Schedule - UPDATE 3!

    Thanks, just saw. Not good.
  11. Lizzy

    LFCC Schedule - UPDATE 3!

    I can't find Kenneth Marshall on there... Please say it's a mistake and not a 3rd Trek cancellation??
  12. Lizzy

    Who were they?

    Yea that's me in the pic? Thanks! Was just dressed as me on the Sunday, no one recognised me lol!
  13. Lizzy

    Who were they?

    I was Seven of Nine on Saturday :) I think I was the only one? Feel free to put up your pics, I'd love to see them!