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  1. The talk ended at 7pm and we were ushered out. Nobody said Jodie would still be signing so I really hope this isn't true. I can confirm that she left straight after the talk ( I hosted it).
  2. We do always announce (well I do) that there is no filming and yes sorry for those that attend lots of talks that get my same spiel everytime! However we have limited crew who are able to police such things and even a subtle nod from the stage can often go missed. We ask people not to film as sometimes the actors hold back what they were saying / going to say and the stories you get when filming isn't allowed is often more entertaining. Many of them ask backstage before hand and you can see some of them visibly relax and become more comfortable. The idea of an interview or Q+A by themselves can often be a frightening concept especially with so many people watching - others such as Meat Loaf are experts (and yes I did know he was going to tell me to sit down and shut up beforehand).
  3. As I mention at the beginning of the talks - the guests often talk open and freely and if the talks were filmed then this wouldn't be the case. Some of the guests mention this during the talks that they have been misquoted or seen press articles before based on what they've said and has been filmed and put on you tube etc. For those of you at the evening with game of thrones for example - that should never be available publicly! ;-)
  4. 1) Yeah I got it wrong sorry for making a mistake- I think edge managed to make me look small enough though! 2) if I did then it was totally a old age brain moment - I know what it's called! 3) I wasn't there at the end of the Kevin talk, that was someone else and secondly I hadn't realised the time with the wrestling talk but take that on board. We all have a different approach to hosting which I think helps and just like you guys all know more about some subjects than others. I also try to get as many audience questions as possible. BTW David didn't host the bttf talk in 2015 - that was someone from Universal! :-) Cheers, Darren
  5. Just to comment on the first post: the speakers didn't blow - somebody had unplugged a cable from the back of one. The lights /mics etc didn't come on at the start of the bands set because an audience member had plugged their electric wheelchair into one of our sockets and tripped the circuit. I was using Internet Friday as the main laptop with the play lists on wouldn't fire up. The desk is down the side for safety reasons - you daw the crowd Saturday right? As for blaming the venue - I'm not sure I ever said that, especially to a complete stranger!
  6. As far as I was aware there wasn't any live entertainment. I was relying on Spotify as my main laptop with the play lists on died so I had no choice. It's the first time in years I've travelled without CD's so I believe they call that sods law. Cheers, the crap DJ 😉
  7. The venue decided to close all of the blinds / shutters on the windows half way through the talk (we had no idea this was going to happen!) hence the "emergency" lighting.
  8. You boys need a compressor or two Yep indeed we do! Were you never a Cub Scout? Always be prepared We had enough lighting in a box backstage but not the amount of time we physically needed to set it up (and more importantly passed by the venue safety guys!)
  9. They search inside gloves as there have been several incidents in America where ex boxers are doing photoshoots and the attendee is "pretending" to hit them but then actually does and the glove has metal inside! The funniest thing was at one point security took a BB gun from somebody in the Jeremy autograph queue and got some very strange looks from people as they were leaving.
  10. I was stood at the back chasing people away - (all of whom were great about it especially when I explained it was a paid talk) and I couldn't hear what was being said so to be fair - yes you could see the guest on the stage but you couldn't hear them!
  11. The stage lighting became an issue when halfway through Saturday the venue decided to close the blinds around the hall to make it darker! We then didn't have time to set up additional lighting between talks. It's difficult to level the roaming mics, however the sound guys do try to adjust them for each person.
  12. The crew members are moved to the front so that they can get back to their post asap. There aren't enough or extra crew to cover breaks etc so this is the easiest way of doing it. That's the only benefit. The crew have to pay for photos and autographs just like anyone else does. (note to self - read other peoples replies first!) On other points - about the talk areas: The original plan was to have the talks fully enclosed. venue health and safety didn't like that idea. The air conditioning is set and run by the venue. finally as for people watching paid talks for free - we did try to move them (and yes I did shout rather too loudly at one point and realised Jeremy had heard it on stage - so apologies for that!). To be honest - where I was stood in the roped off area at the back you couldn't hear what was being said anyway. The 3rd floor stage is excellent but only holds 300 and that's where most of the congestion was last year so not practical to use it (plus it would have cost a lot more to hire the 3rd floor) finally regarding the sound - it is very difficult to get a great all round sound in such an open venue - paticulary with multiple guests on stage all talking at different volumes or holding the mics at different heights - saying that I think the sound this year was great in comparison to other years.
  13. We constantly moved people away from the back of the hall. The framing on the camera looked worse than it was because of the branding / sponsor logos. As for the sound - if people actually held mics to their mouths then we may have been okay 😉
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