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  1. I've now decided to ask for a refund too. I just wish that Jason would actually answer the emails that he receives as I think a lot of problems could be sorted out if he did.
  2. Am I right in thinking that you spoke to Jason about your order on the phone a few weeks ago? What phone number did you use? I have tried phoning using the phone number on the Facebook page but it just rings and rings!
  3. That happened to me the previous time I used the pre-order service. I wasn't too bothered about it as when I made the order i couldn't decide on which photo I liked best out of the two that were on offer. I'd just be grateful if my order turned up!
  4. if you are on Facebook then you could try messaging through the Showmasters Pre-Order page. I did this once and got a reply from Jason saying that he had my item but tht was the last I heard from him.
  5. I think that I might do that as well if I don't get an update soon.
  6. I'm still waiting too...and I would appreciate an update too.
  7. Is anyone else still waiting to receive their missing orders or is it only just me? I have been in touch with Jason who says that he has my order but no indication as to when it will be posted.
  8. Yes please. That's very kind of you QS, thank you. I can confirm that my address details are the same as those on my order.
  9. This will be the last time that I ever use the pre order service. I gave them one last chance last year after my LFCC order did not arrive and I had to claim the money back from my credit card company. Sadly, it looks like I will be doing the same this year too!
  10. Did anyone get a reply yet? I am still waiting (and I do appreciate that Jason was at Cardiff last weekend).
  11. Thank you for the information Raylenth. :)
  12. Do you mean to the Showmasters Facebook and Twitter or to Jason's own Facebook and Twitter accounts?
  13. Sadly, I am still waiting for my photo as well.
  14. Hows the Friday going?

    I had a good day and managed to get everything that I wanted quickly. I was also pleased to say that I was not the oldest person there...so that really made my day!
  15. Will you be adding him to the pre-orders before they close?