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  1. I agree with this completely.... it's so annoying having to push through a queue to ask the crew member what number they are up too... Another thing that really got to me this year was the queuing system.... for some guests eg meatloaf the queue was so big u couldn't get passed. The queue never got cut down and was really hard to get around. I thought the whole idea of the vq system was to stop the queues getting out of hand. The crew members didnt do anything about the queues one bit. Sorry that was the only thing that got to me over the weekend. I did have a great time other than having tonsillitis and nearly fainting haha Tom
  2. Since 2003 I have taken my mum with me.. she has been in every queue with me. The only ones she hasn't been in or the diamond pass guests. Most of the crew know my mum though and actively seek her out haha.
  3. Haha right place at the right time :-) and a little bit of artistic creativity under your belt always helps :-)
  4. My name is Tom. I used to crew for showmasters. I've been attending since 2003. Long time attendee I am living in New Zealand I work at Weta Workshop. I make prosthetic hobbit and elf ears aswell as chainmaille. If you have ever been to a convention and had prosthetic ears applied by Warren they will probably be ones I made :-) Jason gets such good guests he makes me travel the entire world to attend. I'm 28 this year I normally bring my mum as it gets her out the house and I don't get too see her much as she lives in the Uk If you see me come say hi. Will be there all 3 days. Best way to describe me. I'm 5ft6 brown eyes brown hair. Caucasian male probably wearing weta workshop crew gear or hobbit crew gear :-) Look forward to bumping into some of you
  5. I'm up to about 25 people so far :-( so much money...... and im travelling from New Zealand eeeeekkkk
  6. She has been in sooooo many great things..... now what to decide to get her to sign ...... hmmmm so many choices
  7. I'm very much looking forward to meeting John. I hope there are no restrictions on what he will sign or quote
  8. Mark is a wonderful guest. A very nice man he is over here in Dunedin nz. Long way to travel. Rare guest because of the cost for a flight. Deff worth getting as he is an incredible rare signer
  9. He is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. Had the pleasure of getting to know him at a work party:-) he likes to joke and is a wonderful man with so many stories :-) lovely man
  10. Would love for this show to turn in to a One foot in the grave reunion??? Hint hint :-)
  11. I'm one of those people when there is a Lord of the rings guest I'm afraid. I get my big lore book signed, then a picture of them on a 10x8 the. Another one inscribed to me and then if they play more than one character I would get the characters they have played all on 10x8's I have been collecting since 2003 and have over 8000 autographs I have never sold one. They are all in folder in my room. I have no intention of selling them I just want to enjoy meeting them and getting my collections complete. I'm the same with Star Wars guest if they more than one character I will get a 10x8 of each character and get them signed. Showmasters swill never normally let you get more than 5 autos at once. Dealers unfortunately get slot in every so often. But I actually like them being in front, means you can get pictures of the guest signing and also hear some interesting stories that are spoken about. It does get annoying with a particularly busy guest I will admit. Maybe something to think of is to have the day before the event for dealers only, so they can get what they want signed before the con opens??? Maybe a thought in the future
  12. I would like to complain about a pit boss, she was very rude and basically told me there was no point in buying a gold pass at all as it didn't mean anything at this convention. I tried joining a queue for someone, can't remember who it was, I showed her my gold pass and she basically said it doesn't mean anything with me and you will ahem to come back later or take a virtual ticket, it was for none of the diamond pass guests or anyone else who had a massive queue. I came back later, she let me queue but then insisted that she needed to keep putting the VQ ticket holders in front of me so I kept getting pushed further and further back. I would have complained about her to someone higher if I could find anyone. Sorry very unusual for me to complain but I had paid for 2 gold passes that's £450 to be told by a pit boss that it was a waste of money. She was very rude and should not be a pit boss. Sorry
  13. Sunday will be as busy as Saturday. Olympia holds some 120,000 people, all depends on how much Showmasters have hired space wise to the capacity that is allowed. It will be very busy and the queues in the mornings will be horrendous but it will be a great show!!
  14. Very unusual for me to ask a question, but little worried, I brought gold passes and a diamond pass for moxheal j fox and weaver. When I brought them It never asked for a postal address, I paid for them and then I got an email with the passes on saying I needed to print them. Everyone is saying they will get posted out? Do I need to do anything or because everyone seems to know who I am will it just get posted? Sorry to ask a stupid question, I know you all get your fix of them everyday :-)
  15. I'm one of those who sometimes gets up to 40 people. My problem is that I do like everything, my dvd collection is around 500 DVDs and unfortunately I like all genres and films like bond, GOT, LOTR, Hobbit, Star Wars, Harry Potter, aliens, lost, once upon a time, eureka, supernatural, and that is very hard when you collect autographs and very expensive. I am not a dealer and I will probably never sell my collection, I enjoy collecting and going to events and meeting some of my idols. Sometimes it is annoying that someone has been in like 5 films that I collect cause then it gets expensive. I have over 6000 autographs and have been collecting for 13 years. I love it and would never change what I do and the number of people I meet. For me this show is amazing, I'm already up to like 45 people, it is costing me nearly the price of a small car but to me it's worth it. I can't wait. It's never going to be too big! Like a lot of people are saying a wide range of guests is exactly what people have been asking for along with the a-listers, we have finally got some, Michael j fox might not be everyone's cup of tea but he is a very rare guest that will probably never do another signing in his life. The price justifies this. I'm looking forward to being there,and seeing everyone :-)
  16. Can't believe I went to school with Toby, and now he's at conventions. Good for him, he was always going to be a star :-)
  17. Stan lee is not personalizing . There is no photos no cameras allowed or phones out etc. Not a big queue though surprisingly
  18. Ive just been adding it up- im up to and over £2000 :-( Broke - May have to rethink this :-( But it is my last signing so why not splash out!!
  19. I am going to meet about 60 people so far and so far 12 photoshoots booked - drained :-( I hope no more people are announced - im going to need to take a mortgage out :-( eeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkk
  20. I was told that he cancelled late saturday night due to illness. I was also told he had been confirmed for lfacc instead.
  21. Every guest this year was amazing - I met 47 of the guests this time - and each one had a story to tell and were all so friendly and polite and very happy to take the time to chat and pose for photos, even the really busy guests did posed photo's for me this time :-) A big shout out to Sean Knopp from Dr Who who was amazing to talk to and had some stories from the set of Dr Who, Ingrid Oliver who was a real delight to talk to, and she remembered me from working with her on Angus Thongs :-) Love her to bits!!! And especially the Stormtroopers. These guys had some real classic stories from the sets of Star Wars. They are all true gents and a pleasure to meet!! Thank you SM as always you have put on a brilliant show :-) Big Love to all the crew, who were lovely as always :-) Tom
  22. They are using the inside hall for most of the guests, tomorrow they are using the inside balcony as well for the boxer guests and they are using the outside section ( The Concave )like the days of old - Photoshoots are taking place outside as well as some guests signing, maybie the bigger guests tomoz so there will be more room inside?? Hope that helps
  23. Not that im aware of, it was Pirates, Once upon a time and Star Trek
  24. He was very nice today - queue was ok when he first arrived and was ok throughout the day. He was doing photos over the desk and personalisations - but that may change tomorrow as it will be hell of a lot busier :-)
  25. Yes he did, although not too many think it was 1 or 2 diff pics that was all, and he is a great chap - a real pleasure to meet. Lovely man!!!!
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