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  1. would love to see some of the main cast from: Ugly Betty - especially Ana Ortiz Devious Maids Once Upon a Time - especially Colin O'donoghue Agents of Shield Walking Dead some more horror guests please: Wes Craven Joe Dante John Carpenter Andrew Bryniarski any of the Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers actors. Heather Langenkamp Jackie Earle Haley Ken Foree Lawrence Fishburn Famke Janssen Gemma arterton
  2. some more horror guests please: Nightmare on Elm street cast Halloween cast Wes Craven Tyler mane John Carpenter Joe Dante Gemma Arterton Jamie Lee Curtis Tobin Bell plus casts from American horror story, walking dead, bates motel
  3. would love to see guests from : American Horror Story - (especially AHS-Coven cast) Walking Dead Bates Motel Sleepy Hollow Once upon a time
  4. I would love to see some guests from Agents of Shield/ Cabin in the Woods/ Dollhouse. Dream line up would be: Chris Hemsworth Amy acker Ming-Na Wen Clark Gregg Elizabeth Henstridge Olivia Williams
  5. some horror guests please: Nightmare on Elm street cast ( especially as the orig movie will be back in the cinema for halloween) Wes Craven Tyler mane John Carpenter Tony Todd Gemma Arterton Jamie Lee Curtis Kane Hodder Tobin Bell
  6. Once Upon a Time Walking Dead Continuum Warehouse 13
  7. Horror guests - Tony Todd Wes Craven John Carpenter Tobin Bell Nick Castle Joe Dante Tom Hooper Kane Hodder really anyone from Halloween, Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm, Texas Chainsaw
  8. My fav guests from the sunday were (I would happily meet all of them again) Eoin Macken - so lovely, and a true gent! chatted for ages and he remembered me when getting my photo done Dan Yeager - really nice, talked about Texas chainsaw old and new and was more than happy to pose for pic Norman Reedus - for being a headline guest I was really surprized about how laid back and personal both the photos & auto felt, a super friendly guy
  9. fully agree would love to see Lana Parrilla, Ginnifer Goodwin, Meghan Ory, David Anders, Colin O'Donoghue, Jamie Dornan
  10. please get some main cast guests from walking dead once upon a time criminal minds warehouse 13
  11. would love to see main cast guests from The Walking Dead Once Upon A Time Warehouse 13 Horror movie stars - Tony Todd, Nick Castle, Brad Loree, Tyler Mane,Kane Hodder
  12. I bought a silver ticket but have now found out i'll only be able to make the fri/sat, i was wondering if it's possible to get all my photo/autos done on one day or arrange it to get only the stuff I really want such as amy,alexis, jane, tom
  13. are there any plans for trying a once/grimm con next year? or has the idea been scrapped completely.
  14. Love both shows but would pick ouat over grimm.
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