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Who would you want...

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Actually I wouldn't mind Corin ... that guy can talk n talk and I'd never get bored, he seems to know SO much! It quite scared me, but at least it made the day interesting when I sat with him :D

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I forgot you sat next to him although I do remember I was talking to you when you were so I'm not sure why my brain didn't just connect that... lol


I'd like to be sat nnext to a guest but I really like going around getting hugs and photos :) But if Michael Shanks was there I'd pay showmasters to let me sit next to him. Not that I have any money but it's the thought that counts

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um... tough one....



John Billingsley. Cos I reckon I could talk to him for aaages, he's intelligent and funny and I wouldn't get sick of him!


he might get sick of me.... but....



or Corin cos he's a really interesting guy too!

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what a cwl idea! :D


thinking of the episode "Paradise Lost" (which is a fave of mine!) I would take Jack as I think he would be resourceful in a situation like that and have survival knowledge! :P


I also think Ric is absolutely lush (ok bit of an age gap - shhh!! :( ) dunno what I'd talk him bout, but more than happy to snuggle with him like in "Solitudes" :P (another fave of mine!)


Luv surfy sah xx


ps-if I could be stuck with two then Chris Judge, who no one has mentioned!!! ;)

because he's damn cwl (not that I've met him - yet!) and I've heard he's really funny so he's be great entertainment :P

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I have no idea!!! that is such a tough question!!!!


Chris Judge because he's so funny

Michael Shanks because he's funny and damn sexy!!!

Richard Dean Anderson... do i even need to justify that? but then he might also be sad coz he's away from his daughter!!!

Amanda Tapping would be cool coz she could teach me to understand technobabble coz in that respect i'm like Jack 'i only understand 1% of what she says half of the time!'

Corin Nemec becoz he's such a dude! and soooooooooooooo cute!

Dom DeLuise because he is so funny the time would fly by till we were rescued!!!!

Dan Shea - as stunts co-ordinator he would know about stuff like building things possible (am clutching at straws!)

You get the point! i want all of them!!!! Why oh Why isn't bridge studioes canada a desert island? :rolleyes: sorry started going off on one there!

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mmm Who to choose I would probably say Michael Shanks he looks like the type who could make you smile if you were feeling down. But also someone you could talk to about anything and everything :D


No other reason honest :D

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If I could only choose one then it would have to be Terryl she's the best. But if I could choose more then one it would have to be just Terryl and Amanda. There both cleaver and funny, and I like the fact that Terryl has the power to take command if she feels she needs to, because she's a doctor :lol:.

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I thought this was such a fun topic, why is it at the bottom of the page!!!!!!!


surfy sah xx

I thought it was a fun topic too :firedevil: Lets keep it near the top!

bringing it back to page 1!!!! :firedevil: xx

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