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  1. you're welcome darlin! skylines and wheatfields is Danny and Lindsey (the new one that appears in season 2) he's skylines shes wheatfields Fiesta is Flack and Stella (i have no idea where the name from but its out there!! I'm growing to like Pac (Mac and Peyton)
  2. Sorry CSI monkey, sah understands me!!! i'm a GSR gal myself!!! i love the way they keep putting in little GSR moments like in tuesday gone episode at Blinkys sugar cane ranch! (see im avoiding spoilers for you sah!!! ) love that vid btw!!! i can kinda see it but i totally belive there are three CSI ships i follow (well two and a slash) YoBling, GSR and Nick/Greg!!! i'm sorry but i just love those pairings!!! lol don't even get me started on CSI NY!!! lol! We love the Skylines and Wheatfields!!!! FIESTA!!! ok im gonna stop now!!! I'll bring The Fray in July Sah and you can put it on La
  3. If it makes you guys feel better Jorja has signed a new contract for season 8! apparently her and GEaorge quit for like three days because of it but they came back after the weekend!!! lol!
  4. CSINYCSINYCSINY!!! ok i started off on Vegas when Sah got me hooked! but when i got into NY i just blended over too it and i think, no i know its my favourite now!!! i love the character interaction and yet you still get the3e case stories as well!!!! I watched the season 3 finale yesterday... its gonna be amazing!!!! Never watched Miami... thank you Aaron Douglas!!!
  5. You should so get Dan Payne for this event!!! he's played the Wraith on many occasions in Stargate Atlantis so you'd be able to put him on stage with Andee as well!!! not to mention he's an awesome guy and loves meeting the fans!!! We love dan btw!!!
  6. Hahahahahahaha... what they did after Stargate!!!! rofl!
  7. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha... ...Jane is gonna die!!!! rofl!
  8. Does that mean i get to laugh at him again?
  9. Sorry Steve, i hadn't been nformed that you would be joining us!!! my bad!!! I never kne about the spelling kip! my bad!!! You guys missed an awesom weekend!!!! it rocked!!! i got Sah and Chantal hooked one CSI:NY! its fantastic!!! lovin it!!! I thnk the ony hiccough was the stress of almost not getting Chantal to the airport cozof a car crash! but it was all good and by the tie we left it was cleared!!! Gla you got back safe Chantal!!! :)
  10. Thatis awesome!!! John is such a lovely guy!!! Gonna point out, this prize was auctioned elewhere and for the auction they made a grand totl of $27000 In the end becuse the bidding was so close he tured around and said tht anyne who could match the price was welcome to the trip alos for either shows!!!he's an awesome dude and the money went to a great charity (make a wish foundation, canada) Fantastic!!!!
  11. Yeah give my ears a rest!!! rofl!!! Jane i gonna die!!! fantastic guest SM! er two kryptonite in to events!!!! haahaa you have to come to Manchester!!!
  12. Maybe he was terminally ill or something and esentially that was what killed him! Or maybe he's not dead because no one is ever really dead if they live on through someone else!!!!
  13. proby's_girl


    OMG I was like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO not after Heroes they can't do that!!!! noooo but it was all shiney!!! they crossed over mid season 2? um... the one thing i love about NY dvds... extras!!! genius!!!! it pisses me off that the crossover (which came first!) is only available on the Miami discs! why couldn't they have put it on the NY boxset!!! i don't want to buy Miami!!!! *sulks!* Yeah i must say i'vce just gone back and watched a lot of season one again going i so don't remember this ep and oh yeah i understand that one now!
  14. proby's_girl

    A-Z OF CSI

    Danny Messer!!! not obsessed
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