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  1. Hahahahaha you cracked me up. When i was in Chris Judges line i saw you gave one to Kevin Sorbo, who then went and pinned it on Marina Sirtis's butt. It was hilarious when she sat down XD
  2. Who was she anyway? And damn, I wish I'd have gotten that Jewel pic above now That's the infamous JCB - agent for many of the actors. Almost wish I'd got that Jewel pic too but decided to go with a nice Stargate one as i like to have pics of the people in character as I've usually gone to meet them because of that specific show. Would have got my Firefly DVD case signed too if I'd had more money. But that might be an excuse to meet her again :) Thank you so much for pointing that out. It's been bugging me for ages! She provided some nice comic relief when Chris Judge
  3. I cannot believe Hellsing, Full Metal Alchemist and Ghost in the Shell are absent from even 1 of these lists.
  4. I wish to complain about the crew member who nearly listened to Davey and not give me a ticket for Jewel. I cried for 4 hours when i got home. XD P.S. Say Hi whoever that was <3
  5. Chris Judge got a hold of this pic and vandalised it with a speech bubble saying "You can almost see my boob. What a skank" Granted Jewel got a Teal'c pic and returned the favour.
  6. Mike

    CSI - Break Room

    I leave for a bit and rubbish like this happens. Oh dear. I'm off busy with A-levels and work now so posts will be intermittent and CSI-like HOW YOU GUYS ANYWAY???
  7. Definatly Michael Shanks. He made my sig super cool, and gave a good chat about his favourite episodes and Claudia Black <333. Plus he was super nice about my shaky hands when fumbling with the camera
  8. Chris Judge put "Indeed!" on mine. Michael Shanks put "Best wishes" and drew a little cartoon Daniel and signed over Thor with "Thor" and drew a little Asgard footprint while we chatted. Probably my favourite sig so far
  9. Mike

    Roll Call

    guess who's back back again sup.
  10. guys this needs to happen for great justice. this section will even crew for free IF YOU DO right guys?!?!? guys?!?!
  11. Now my internets back and running again i'll post. I'm behind you 100% on this SM. Even if i have to kidnap and drag 500 people myself.
  12. Mike

    CSI - Break Room

    *Strolls in drinking a coffee* G'day fellow CSI'ers. Long time no see. How's everyone keeping?
  13. Mike

    CSI "survivor" game

    + Lady Heather - David Sara Sidle - 35 Nick Stokes - 35 Catherine Willows - 44 Jim Brass - 38 Al Robbins - 35 David Phillips - 10 Sofia Curtis -6 Lady Heather - 32 Horatio Caine - 43 Eric Delko - 40 Calleigh Duquesne - 45 Yelina Salas - 23 Ryan Wolfe -5 Alexx Woods - 33 Stella Bonasera - 3 Sheldon Hawkes - 14 Danny Messer - 12 CSI Sanctury (aka Grissom's Office!) Gil Grissom Warrick Brown Tim Speedle Greg Sanders Blown up in the lab Conrad Ecklie Sam Braun David Hodges Sam Vega Mac Taylor Terri Miller Don Flack John Hagen Lindsay Monroe Raymond Caine
  14. Mike

    A-Z OF CSI

    Blerg, i forgot to go the the last page, thanks to my stupid clicking. Chaos Theory - seeing as it was on last night.
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