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  1. Looking for a bit of advice, I've never had a Diamond Pass before let alone considered getting another but I just wanted to get some advice from people who may well of done. I currently have the Ming Na pass and am considering adding the John Barrowman but given both talks are on Saturday I'm concerned that I am likely to get a clash at least somewhere as I've already chosen Saturday for my Ming Na photo. Have you found it difficult to manage? Would you suggest getting one photo on the other day? Any advice greatly received!
  2. Awesome guest announcement. For those with Diamond Pass experience what do you think is the likelihood of getting it all done in one day. I suspect I would only be able to make Saturday which would be good for the talk but obviously a priority would also be auto. Thanks in advance!
  3. For me personally this is one of the best announcements in recent years, I always just assumed I'd never meet Noah. He is awesome in everything, but I'll always have a special place in my heart for Carter. Awesome announcement SM!!! <3
  4. Awesome guest, met him at the DOS premiere and he was really lovely :) Nice one SM!
  5. The man, the legend! Such a lovely guy, can't wait to meet him again!
  6. Jay is one of the few people I've yet to meet, excited to finally get the chance to meet him!
  7. Michael was pretty heavily jet lagged when I sat with him on Saturday he said he was operating on only one hour worth of sleep as he hadn't been able to sleep since he'd flown in. He was genuinely fascinated by some of the items fans had bought for signing and he and his manager took pictures of some of the rather more interesting things throughout the day and were constantly showing them to people. He was saying how at each event he did he saw things he'd never even realised had existed. He was particularly taken by the clay figure and the furry haggis, of which I found it rather difficult to explain the premise behind lol. He was a top guy and for someone running on such little sleep didn't let it show, he was genuinely thankful for every fan he met.
  8. Happy face, Billy was the first person I ever met at my first convention many moons ago Thanks SM!
  9. Lovely guy, very tempted to go for another photoshoot. Decisions ... decisions...
  10. Made my day, kept missing Sylvester for my Hobbit print up till now! Great stuff
  11. Love Peter in Hamlet, although I remember being especially excited at the time when I recognised him from Holby City Great guest!
  12. Awesome to see Adam back he was an epic guest at Cardiff!
  13. Squeeeeeeeee! Have wanted to meet Sean for ages, awesome announcement!
  14. Very pleased, another guest for my Hobbit weta print. Thanks SM!
  15. Awesome announcement Ori is my favourite of the dwarves can't wait to meet Adam! Thanks SM!
  16. I can't believe that I've neglected to post on here. No convention is complete without the Chucknician on the scene!
  17. Forum Name - Muffin Real Name - Emm Age/Location - 26/ Suffolk, UK What Ticket have you got/are you getting? - Silver Most wanted guest for Chevron 8.0? - David Hewlett... So I guess that means I'm sorted! Other Chevron attended - Erm... A couple of others can't remember the exact ones Hotel? Hilton Chat Email (MSN, Yahoo, AIM etc) - Does anyone still do those things anymore? Favourite Movie? A Dogs Breakfast, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, The Switch, Enchanted Favourite Other TV Show(s)? Sherlock, Glee, Greys Anatomy, Dr Who, Once Upon A Time Favourite Music? Does Darren Criss count? Other than that most played at the moment is Adele, Maroon 5 and Florence & The Machine.
  18. Fantastic announcement! Can't wait to meet Martin
  19. I'm slightly worried about the effect this announcement is going to have on people's health what with so many people saying they'd die.... But I'd totally die if it was Martin Freeman...just sayin'
  20. Martin Freeman, couldn't be more perfect for Bilbo, would love to meet him!
  21. Muffin

    Guest Suggestions

    The one person who would make this con complete would be Chuck Campbell (SGA). Would also echo Connor Trinneer, Jamie Ray Newman, Louis Ferreira, Kirby Morrow and David Blue.
  22. Pauly!!!! Who doesn't want to hear the Star Trek story one more time? Great guy, great guest!
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