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  1. Hell yes to a Leverage con. I love everyone in that show. They work together so well. Plus, Christian Kane is all kinds of hot
  2. As much as I wish otherwise, I don't think there's going to be a Manchester Collectormania for a long time
  3. Vin Diesel? Joseph Gordon Levitt? Edward Norton? I really have no idea... lol
  4. I have to admit I did actually laugh at the fake Lex they had in this ep. Yes, I'm that good, I can tell it's not Rosenbaum from the back of his head I wasn't overimpressed with Doomsday but it could have been worse so I'll let them off. And Lana got injured but stayed conscious. That's progress!
  5. I want David Tennant to announce tomorrow that he was just joking...
  6. I noticed that too! All the good bits in a "previously on" recap of a few minutes. Just doesn't seem fair... lol
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