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  1. Hell yes to a Leverage con. I love everyone in that show. They work together so well. Plus, Christian Kane is all kinds of hot
  2. As much as I wish otherwise, I don't think there's going to be a Manchester Collectormania for a long time
  3. Vin Diesel? Joseph Gordon Levitt? Edward Norton? I really have no idea... lol
  4. Kevin Smith Matt Damon Richard Dean Anderson lol
  5. I have to admit I did actually laugh at the fake Lex they had in this ep. Yes, I'm that good, I can tell it's not Rosenbaum from the back of his head I wasn't overimpressed with Doomsday but it could have been worse so I'll let them off. And Lana got injured but stayed conscious. That's progress!
  6. I want David Tennant to announce tomorrow that he was just joking...
  7. I noticed that too! All the good bits in a "previously on" recap of a few minutes. Just doesn't seem fair... lol
  8. Ah. I can't really talk to you about it then. lol
  9. I was wondering if they were going to have Robin appear in Smallville - especially because of the whole X thing. You know who that is/ who that's rumoured to be, right?
  10. Unfortunately this season is apparently getting reasonable ratings. I'm not watching if they make another season.
  11. LOL And, I didn't think it possibly, but the Smallville scripts are getting worse. I'm not sure I can be bothered to watch the rest of the season...
  12. That would have been ok. It's just when Superman's main foe is out of the picture, you just don't have a strong enough replacement for him. I think they should have Batman and Wonder Woman pop in. Might as well. It's not like they have anything to lose.
  13. It was a pretty bad episode. I just don't think anyone can be bothered anymore. They've lost Lex. They're running out of ideas. It's just a bit meh at the moment.
  14. Your post made me laugh more than it probably should. Anders did look damn sexy in those 5 seconds though
  15. Yeah lets have a Chuck con - get the regulars, the guest stars, the nerd herd...
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