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  1. why thank you, awesome even just traipsed through LFCC 2014 to try to find THAT FAQ and no luck surfy sah xx
  2. darn, no wonder I could not find it alot of people I know are coming for the first time and I was trying to just refer them to the FAQ! you can't even search FAQ as it's 1 letter short of the 4 letter minimum urg surfy sah xx
  3. such a lovely guy when met him previously just wondered if it would be worth adding the Harry Potter tag to the website? as it only says Who and Thrones at the mo surfy sah xx
  4. LOVED him in ER this is soo very awesome!!! and £15 is extremely reasonable too surfy sah xx
  5. since you mentioned it, thought I would link to Jason's post in the "General Chat" section Hi everyone ​I​ think there is a lot of info going on about these new Diamond passes and how they work and what you get, there are also several threads with different info in them, so ​I ​feel it would be good and helpful to lay out some bullet ​points on the passes and also go into why they work like they do and the benefits we feel they bring to you the collector. 1 The main important thing that everyone must be aware of, each guests Diamond pass will be different​.​T​hey will all offer dif
  6. Wow Sisterof_CMarcus that sounds rather rude!! especially as I would call myself geeky and I am a girl and FYI, I'm not a huge fan of boxsets, unless watching WITH some one I'm not sure why they made the guys pay, like I said, didn't realise! I guess it's like to make sure they aren't "creepy" or something and are genuinely looking for someone and not just oogling the girls? especially as a lot of them had skimpy costumes on surfy sah xx
  7. this would make me very happy as I love that show however, given that it's quite mainstream with people in general and not just geeky / con people, I would be surprised if they would warrant being a Diamond Pass guest, especially when Mayim aka Amy Farrah Fowler did a con in the US last year surfy sah xx
  8. you know you could just try for him at the next Avengers prem for FREE?! surfy sah xx
  9. this would be awesome because, like Sherlock pre-announcement, it would then give people a chance to see if they have the funds ready or to think if they can justify the price being asked before possibly either panic buying due the limited availability mentioned or losing out because they didn't have the chance to get funds together before it sold out surfy sah xx
  10. just wandered if this was happening again this year? haven't managed to make it to one yet surfy sah xx
  11. I went sci-fi speed dating last year in the US and it was a bit crazy! didn't help of course that nearly every single person there was from the surrounding area oops also I didn't realise that they made the guys pay like $25 each and let the girls in for free only went cause I was wandering around and it happened to be on when nothing much else was happening and wanted to see what it was like I was a little put off by all the people that were talking comics and asking me what my favourite comics were and authors and characters and a few seemed genuinely horrified that I said I don't really
  12. for a ** GUIDE ** as to how much to save and budget, you could look at www.MassiveEvents.co.uk surfy sah xx
  13. gutted wanted to meet him for HP and Indy, especially after getting a double pic of him and Karen signed by Karen at CM hopefully he'll come back to a show soooooon! surfy sah xx
  14. am I right to think this is only his second SM event? I'm trying to figure out if he's been back since SM started doing photoshoots and I don't think he has..? cheers! was great to meet him at C10 all the way back in 2006, crazy!!!! surfy sah xx
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