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  1. I think a cool extra like this definitely would make a huge difference in the turnout for the Alien fans. oh my gosh yes!! That would be amazing! I think that'll pull in loads of fans.
  2. These events have been getting more and more popular. I've been attending them for 10+ years and they have soared in popularity! This was MASSIVE last year on the Saturday, it was still crazy busy. I also disagree about the guests- there are SO many more this year and there is more of an appeal to the general public/teeny boppers. Saying that, I think I might avoid the Saturday because it was pretty hell-ish last year and go there on the Sunday instead.
  3. In my opinion, the guest list this year is SO much better than the guest list last year. I am super impressed by the quality and quantity of guests this year and they appeal to me and probably the "general public" a lot more than Lance and Robert. There's a lot of GoT, Harry Potter and Doctor Who type guests which are way more mainstream. I'm very happy!
  4. There's so much to do in Glasgow! The West End is lovely and Kelvingrove museum is awesome out there. There's also the Tall Ship and the Science museum along the Clyde. Tons of museums and lovely coffee shops. Loads of great architecture- if you are a fan of Mackintosh you can't go wrong - there are two amazing coffee shops designed by him. Any questions, feel free to ask!
  5. You're welcome :) I've just sent you a Facebook message with copies of those two images. I hope you like them :) Is this you in these images too? https://www.flickr.com/photos/robert_bond75/14236037885/in/set-72157644769264401 https://www.flickr.com/photos/robert_bond75/14232739381/in/set-72157644769264401 https://www.flickr.com/photos/robert_bond75/14049372868/in/set-72157644769264401 Yes! That's us too! Awesome!
  6. Aw you got some lovely ones of us in trek outfit on the Saturday, thanks!
  7. I have a signed poster that I want to display in a frame on my wall, but also easily be able to get out so I can get more autos on it when I need to. Anyone have any advice on A) how to frame it as to protect the signatures B ) what is best to easily remove and replace the poster ? Ta!
  8. Awesome! Thanks Brian! Was great to meet you albeit briefly yesterday!
  9. I enjoyed it but I felt it was too too busy for the venue. Especially for anybody with mobility issues. I couldn't even get near the dealers tables. Perhaps a move to a bigger venue is in order?
  10. So, after discussion on the "after party" thread, we have somewhat of a plan for Saturday. I was wondering if there was anything planned for other days? Here are my thoughts (can easily edit this if anyone has better ideas!) Friday: chill out/get to know you/board game playing/comic reading in the geek retreat on Union Street (round the corner from Central Station- in fact if you exit the right bit, it's just a few doors down the same street). It's Mark Miller's favourite hang out (or at least he's been in there a good few times). Saturday: Geek Retreat, then pub after it clo
  11. Yeah, I much prefer the original style auction. A lot more fun and you don't get the last minute hover-ers. I'll go have a nosey but I probably won't be partaking.
  12. How are people getting to Braehead? And are y'all doing early entry?
  13. Huzzah! So, geek retreat til close, then possibly pub, then classic! Be there or.... Don't.
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