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  1. You drew that??? Incredible if so, love your signed stuff too!!
  2. I was wondering their name as well, shame they don't have a website. Their frames are really good.
  3. Worst part of what was a fantastic day was the whole Diamond Pass experience, but it really sullied it for me. Paid early access, probably was one of the first 20-30 people who got in and was appalled by the organisation on an event that had literally just opened its doors. I thought the best thing was to pick up virtual tickets first, then collect the diamond pass as that was already paid for and guaranteed. So VQ tickets collected I hen started the arduous task of collecting my Diamond Pass, in which there were no signs explaing what was where. So naturally I asked for assistance and the first guy literally had no idea what was going on (he was even telling people to wait in the ticket sales queue to collect virtual tickets...which I thankfully corrected otherwise they would've wasted a lot of time in a queue which may have impacted their experience if they had a high VQ number). Failing that I asked a second guy who ushered me to a queue, which I queued up for for around 25 minutes only to find it was the wrong queue. Fantastic, so asking a third person I then joined the diamond pass queue, which half way through was told that there was actually separate queues for Pele and other guests - some of which had already had a photo shoot start). After about 30+ minutes of queuing...I finally got my pass, but I was told to collect my special diamond pass photo when I got my autograph, but alas it was the wrong information again. Personally I would've loved to get the print signed, but yet again wrong information really sullied my overall experience. First time getting a diamond pass and was really excited, but the overall experience really left a foul taste in my mouth. I mean it wasn't actually cheap (which I'm sure the guest was the reason for that) but it didn't make me feel special and the fact I had to queue in a disorganised queue to pick it up considering it was already paid for just seemed ludicrous. Now I know it was busy, things can change mid event, but I was just flabbergasted that it was so poorly executed. Hopefully this doesn't sound like I'm moaning too much, but I just want to express my experience, so hopefully the feedback can be used to improve it next time. Sending the passes out would've improved the experience immensely and would've meant I could've seen more of the con and spent more money at the stalls. The thing that gets me is asking the crew for help and just not getting the correct information, which should be crucial otherwise there is no point in them being there. A few extra crew would've really helped with distributing passes, if that's how you want to issue them. Signs which clearly explain what queue is what would really go a long way too. Final point just to add, is that there were plenty of fine crew who were extremely helpful and courteous throughout the event, especially in some of the intense situations they were thrown into, so I do truly thank them all for the hard work and stress they had to endure during the weekend. I couldn't do it, so thank you. And thank you SM for organising yet again a great event, which for the most part I did enjoy. :)
  4. Ahh ok, thank you both!! I've never used these electronic tickets before. I feel so old fashioned wanting something physical lol!
  5. Stupid question I know, my tickets are stored on my phone as a QR code thing in the digital wallet, do I still need to print them out and have paper copies to hand over?
  6. What exactly is the montage? Is it of pele in particular or something generic?
  7. e-Tickets are a great idea and would've gotten rid of my 2 hour wait to collect my online tickets that didn't arrive. On Friday there was a constant queue of at least 50 people trying to sort out problems with wrong tickets or tickets that hadn't arrived. e-Tickets would've avoided issues like this and allowed you to apply team members elsewhere in stead of having to sort issues like these out.
  8. I would've loved to buy a sticker, completely unnecessary as I know it's real and never going to sell it, but it's the kind of rubbish I buy. Shame they weren't available Friday, but I can't complain...
  9. Issues aside, thank you for organising the event and giving me the opportunity to meet Stan Lee. Much respect to him for doing what he did to please his fans (a real inspiration) and the hard work you and your crew endured during the weekend to make it all happen. I do like the idea of a ticket that gets you an auto and photo op with a particular guest; and would definitely be something I'd consider buying if it guaranteed me the chance to meet the guest I'm travelling across the country for.
  10. As disappointing as it is, with Stan Lees age and condition, it was going to be inevitable. No one can be angry or fault him for that. If anything the photoshoot works in the fans favour, as he can at least sit there instead of over exerting himself signing thousands of autographs for hours on end. I hope he doesn't over do himself this weekend.
  11. Meeting Stan Lee was an incredible honour for me. Also Dina Meyer and Capser Van Dien were some of the nicest guests I've met. Three autographs and three awesome photos. Those three made this event for me.
  12. To be fair though, things like photo opportunities have to be pre planned and as a business you can't have people backing out last minute, as the system in place wouldn't easily allow you to redistribute a ticket, especially if it's already been despatched. Any ticket based event, such as gigs, concerts, sporting events and theatrical shows all run on the same principle. By purchasing a ticket you are confirming you can attend, not exactly fair on the organisers if half of the attendees back out because they can't make it; as the show must still go on and someone has to get paid in the end. As for refunds, all things take time. With the amount of queries and orders going on, processing a refund has to be done by hand...and sometimes it can be down to your bank in regards to how quickly a refund is actually processed and appear back in your account. As unfortunate as it can be, the current policy is fair and pretty standard practice.
  13. As stated on the online store and like any normal tickets you buy, it unfortunately (and understandably) looks like there are no refunds.
  14. Thanks again for your assistance. What's the best way for me to check the status of my order? I don't want my tickets to have been lost in the post or to get two weeks before the event and find there to be some issue with my order. Is there an alternate email address or point of contact to the store? Or am I worrying over nothing?
  15. Oh okay, no worries. Just wanted to check you got it okay. Hope your hand is recovering well. Shall I send them another message instead?
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