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  1. Zimbing


    I remember that Ummm does a beer from Ryan Robbins count? It was a very nice beer...
  2. *dusts the account off - coughcough* Kayla - is shanks photo like a homing signal or something?
  3. Can testify that it is crap, even after a couple of beers. $13 wasted.
  4. Just watched it a little while ago. Wasn't that impressed, it was ok, a bit too much Weir-emo and "whoopdeedoo we can do special effects!" I've heard gossip concerning Weir...
  5. Can't stand Lucius one tiny microscopic bit.
  6. Carson seemed pretty dead to me, if it wasn't the exploding tumor that did it, then it was the bag pipe player There's one episode to go here if you are getting it by that means. No idea where the UK is at the moment.
  7. For once Trialia, I agree with you *marks this day down in history* The episode was ...
  8. No Megabus? I did Glasgow to Manchester last year and it was fine and dandy.
  9. Off a person that contacted Movie Central, the channel that airs SG here although for some reason I thought it was the Space channel....anyhoo 3x11 The Return Part 2 - airs November 20th 9pm WST on Movie Central season continues as normal 3x15 The Tao of Rodney - airs December 18th 9pm WST on Movie Central holiday hiatus 3x16 The Game - airs January 8th 9pm WST on Movie Central 3x20 Fire Strike - airs approximately February 5th 9pm WST on Movie Central and finishes us long before Sci-Fi starts airing. So hopefully that is of some help perhaps
  10. This forum is sort of as dead as SG1...
  11. Yeah I've lived there all my life...well nearly all my life, it's just nice to see 'the tables have turned' as there will be no holding scottish notes up to the lights to see if its monopoly money
  12. Scotland has no legal tender except for the coins, so dealers in Glasgow don't have to accept english notes as they aren't "legal" Better get saving the pennies when coming to Glasgow
  13. I may be wrong but I think scottish bank notes will be ok to use in Scotland btw
  14. Huh...Hmmm I'll ask a...contact this weekend if I see them *makes note*
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