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  1. Hello Admin wasn't sure where too post this but thought this the best place I clicked on the image for Alice Kridge on the main LFCC homepage and then clicked on 'Discuss on our forum here' and it took me to this thread regarding Hayley Atwell so think the link needs sorting. Please feel free to delete this message once you have seen it...
  2. Maybe they could get some of the bigger guests there a day early (or earlier on the preview day like they did with Stan Lee) just for say gold pass holders and stall holders to get their autographs, (I add dealers in here as they do pay a lot for their stalls and some of them can not easily get away from their stalls to get autos, plus the ones who want 5+ items signed would not be holding up the queue for all the other attendees) One other thing I was thinking, to help with the queuing, get the gold pass holders in an hour earlier, after all the do pay extra for the gold passes so would make them even more valuable to have
  3. Here is another idea - These special packages for specific A list guest could always be for specific days, so if you got one, you might only be allowed to use it say on a Friday so you knew in advance if you wanted one of these packages you had to come on that set day (which ever it was) which meant everyone else coming the other days didn't have to wait behind special A list package pass holders and other gold pass holders before getting their autos, just the gold pass holders - well something like this, its just part of a suggestion I had in my head
  4. I had a fantastic time over the weekend, only thing I can see really needing to be looked at is the amount of autographs people get signed, maybe for the bigger guests have a limit in place and tell people that if they want more then if there is time they can come back and try again etc - for Stan Lee that would have allowed more people to get at least one item signed as I did hear some going through getting tones of items signed at once (sorry if this has already been mentioned)... Looking forward to WLFCC and next years LFCC :)
  5. If worse comes to worse and you are that worried, put white paper or grease proof paper on top of an auto and place them both into a sleeve. This should help any autos from coming off, just make sure you let it dry before putting it in the sleeve...
  6. Ok thanks it just confused me first time when I went to WLFCC home page and got directed to that part of the forum rather then this section when I clicked the forum button, no worries
  7. Hope I am not being a pain, thought I would post this to bring it to your attention, please can someone change the link on the homepage to WLFCC to this part of the forum rather then the summer LFCC section as with the date changes being made to this event and the July event having similar dates to what WLFCC had before (i.e. with the 11 and 12 not the month), it has confused quite a few of my friends... Hope that made sense?
  8. There are usually a few people selling trading cards at these event (at least there have been at all previous events showmasters have run throughout the UK) I can not see why it would be any different here. Just make sure you pick up a business card next time lol
  9. Cool sorry must have missed that, its been a long week lol
  10. Good question, I would like to know the answer to this before I make any future purchases...
  11. Usually there is one up somewhere, I would be surprised if there was not one given out in peoples goodie bags but it is best to know this beforehand as it would save me printing some dodgy one lol
  12. I know at times it has felt like questions were not being answered or people were not getting the answers they wanted, but I would like to say thanks to all the moderators on here especially Queen_Sindel for at least trying to answer our questions, for going back and forth trying to find the right answers and for putting up with some bull on here from some people who may not have been very happy at times about things that have been going on (we knoe what ever they may not have been happy about was not the mods fault but they did take the flack a little) Only a few days to go so you can then maybe take a well earned break from answer all these questions. I know I threw one or two your way over the last couple weeks, and although I have got my tickets sorted you at least tried to find a solution had that not been the case. Thanks again....
  13. Well over 15000 people are going (not all on the same day though) I heard some people are going to start queueing from around 11 am maybe earlier, as they have so much to do and want to get as much done on the Friday as possible (like any autographs they have they want signed) Someone may come on here and say that is too early but I disagree, its going to be mental (in a good way) and I want to be as near to the front of the queue to get in as possible. I like to chat to people in the queues and I want to get most my autographs done on Friday so I can relax more over the rest of the weekend..
  14. Ok thank you, she is one of the main people I would like to get a photo with if possible but as I said not fussed to much if I can't...
  15. Silly question but is Marther Hacket only doing 1 photoshoot session or did I miss her on the other day. I see she is down for 16:55 on the Saturday but see nothing for the Sunday (not to fussed about photoshoots, just curious is all) Also 13.05 photoshoot B does anyone know what is going in that gap yet
  16. Yes I get that but could you give them to someone else if you wanted. Like (just for example here) if I had a spare Avery photoshoot ticket I no longer wanted could I give that to someone else? Even if the barcode on the Avery ticket us the same as on my gold pass Sorry my reply was about you getting to goto the talks together. That's ok. No they would not let us link the two orders so now we have different talk days for all our talks but I just want to know if it had been confirmed by head office yet what the chances of us being together would be a there was mention of maybe swapping tickets at the event. The bit about extra photoshoot tickets that were bought. I mentioned that because someone said they might swap there whole gold ticket with me so the hubby and i got to go to the same talks together, obviously if we both bought tickets to extra photoshoots e still want to keep those but because they were bought using a reference number linked to or gold passes is this still possible.
  17. There will be VIP seating area, gold platinum and silver seating areas within those areas its a, first come first served. Same as the standard seating area I believe..
  18. Yes I get that but could you give them to someone else if you wanted. Like (just for example here) if I had a spare Avery photoshoot ticket I no longer wanted could I give that to someone else? Even if the barcode on the Avery ticket us the same as on my gold pass
  19. Last thing. If we bought all our photoshoots using my husbands reference number but some are for me, I presume I don't need him there with his gold pass so I can go to the photoshoot. Also my work college bought a photoshoot for a mate he does but want to wait while his mate hours to the photoshoot. I take it any extras photoshoots we buy are only linked to our passes with the same barcode numbers just because of the linked reference number which helps too save people incurring an extra card transact fee
  20. I want as much of a guarantee as possible that we could go to the same captains talks as each other...
  21. I know tootall did say something, but did you hear back from the office regarding the talk tickets included with mine and my hubbies gold pass. I just don't want to turn up on Friday and find it it was to late to swap my whole pass with someone else beforehand and that my while weekend will be ruined because this was not sorted out..
  22. Thanks everyone I agree with that. 9 AM is definitely too early. But I really can't give you any good recommendation as I have no information what the exact plan is. Ok well once you hear back from the office maybe they will know what time is best, thanks again everyone. I will be queuing early anyway, just keeping my fingers cross this all gets sorted..
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