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  1. Farscape and more Stargate guests please!
  2. Does anyone know who the guy was who had been talking to Ron Glass and Alan Tudyk at around 12.15 today (Sunday) and then walked off saying hi to the people waiting in line. He looked familiar but I couldn't quite place him. Finally worked out that it must have been Marc Singer wandering around.
  3. I loved Bucky O'Hare :) I thought it was a great show. Unfortunately I only have one episode I downloaded from somewhere (I can't remember where though) but at least 1 ep is better then nothing :) 842150[/snapback] Bucky O'Hare is brilliant. I've got the DVD in the room with me.
  4. Woohoo! More Ben Browder.
  5. Last year SMs wanted info on Harvey Stephens + Stephens has been announced for Autographica + This is helpfully pointed out to SMs + SMs are the ones who have organised Autographica = Funny
  6. I'd heard that she decided to leave because she disliked the large amount of prosthetics used for her character. Some people can cope with prosthetics easily, but others find it a lot harder.
  7. I would have liked to have met Marina as well, but she wasn't a major priority for me this time around. However as she seems to do a lot of conventions I'm sure I'll meet her eventually.
  8. Jonathan Hardy went into character for me when I met him a few years ago. Great fun isn't it.
  9. This was way better than C7 for me and is probably my joint favourite Collectormania along with C4. I got to meet everyone I planned to and picked up tickets all under 100. A lot less hassle than last time and a thoroughly enjoyable experience.
  10. Chloe was so sweet. Although her queue may not have been the fastest moving in the centre, it was worth the wait to meet her and have a relatively long conversation with her rather than being cattle herded as has happened when meeting some guests. She certainly shoots up my list of favourite celebrities I have met.
  11. I met him yesterday (about third in the queue) and yes he was very friendly. Signed a Scorpy pic and was happy to pose for a photo, despite blinding sunlight.
  12. Oh my gosh, John, Aeryn, Tianna... Tianna! Think you mean Chiana (little grey Nebari girl) Okay, so I can't spell! Lolz. You knew what I meant, though. Yep. Using good old Scaper intuition.
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