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  1. What an AMAZING weekend! ^.^

    Sounds like you had a great time. Good luck with the acting.
  2. Nicola Bryant

    Nicola isn't going anyway
  3. kenny baker. happy 80th birthday.

    Yeah happy birthday Kenny!
  4. 8 - 1. DEEP BREATH - Spoilers

    Totally agree with everyone thing you said like the fight scene and about Capaldi being awesome
  5. Guest Cancellation - Kristanna Loken

    Ah thats disappointing. But I understand and hope she is all ok. Hope that she can attend future events
  6. No Sylvester & Sophie Photoshoot

    No I think they do I have seen them appear on different game shows and things and they are great together. Not sure though but there is no one for Bonnie and Sylvester either
  7. Best Boy?

    Ah ok thanks very much
  8. Best Boy?

    Hey, I wrote a comment and saw that it said best boy above my avatar pic. Could someone tell me what this means please. Thanks
  9. Latest Guest Announcement - ANTHONY HEAD

    The only problem is do I get a Giles pic signed or a Uther pic hmmmmm
  10. yeah I went to LFCC and collectormania 21 and got there at 8 it was fine then and it shouldn't be any different here and because it is the first con you could leave it bit later if u want
  11. Latest Guest Announcement - ANTHONY HEAD

    Yes thanks SM
  12. Primeval reunion

    That would be pretty awesome. Hannah Spearitt and Andrew Lee Potts do their fair few comic cons now and again and so does Alexander Siddig. But I would love to meet Douglas and Lucy
  13. Lauren Bacall RIP

    Yeah I saw this. I didn't know who she was but she is in a better place now. Still shocked from Robin Williams
  14. Guest Days & Prices SFCC

    I think showmasters would be under attack by angry GoT sheffield attendees (myself included)
  15. Guest suggestions

    I would love to see Tom Baker (as always) but also Linda Hamilton or Gillian Anderson. Also any GoT guests like Charles Dance and Peter Dinklage