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  1. Lando_Cal

    What an AMAZING weekend! ^.^

    Sounds like you had a great time. Good luck with the acting.
  2. Lando_Cal

    Nicola Bryant

    Nicola isn't going anyway
  3. Lando_Cal

    kenny baker. happy 80th birthday.

    Yeah happy birthday Kenny!
  4. Lando_Cal

    8 - 1. DEEP BREATH - Spoilers

    Totally agree with everyone thing you said like the fight scene and about Capaldi being awesome
  5. Lando_Cal

    Guest Cancellation - Kristanna Loken

    Ah thats disappointing. But I understand and hope she is all ok. Hope that she can attend future events
  6. Lando_Cal

    No Sylvester & Sophie Photoshoot

    No I think they do I have seen them appear on different game shows and things and they are great together. Not sure though but there is no one for Bonnie and Sylvester either
  7. Lando_Cal

    Best Boy?

    Ah ok thanks very much
  8. Lando_Cal

    Best Boy?

    Hey, I wrote a comment and saw that it said best boy above my avatar pic. Could someone tell me what this means please. Thanks
  9. Lando_Cal

    Latest Guest Announcement - ANTHONY HEAD

    The only problem is do I get a Giles pic signed or a Uther pic hmmmmm
  10. yeah I went to LFCC and collectormania 21 and got there at 8 it was fine then and it shouldn't be any different here and because it is the first con you could leave it bit later if u want
  11. Lando_Cal

    Latest Guest Announcement - ANTHONY HEAD

    Yes thanks SM
  12. Lando_Cal

    Primeval reunion

    That would be pretty awesome. Hannah Spearitt and Andrew Lee Potts do their fair few comic cons now and again and so does Alexander Siddig. But I would love to meet Douglas and Lucy
  13. Lando_Cal

    Lauren Bacall RIP

    Yeah I saw this. I didn't know who she was but she is in a better place now. Still shocked from Robin Williams
  14. Lando_Cal

    Guest Days & Prices SFCC

    I think showmasters would be under attack by angry GoT sheffield attendees (myself included)
  15. Lando_Cal

    Guest suggestions

    I would love to see Tom Baker (as always) but also Linda Hamilton or Gillian Anderson. Also any GoT guests like Charles Dance and Peter Dinklage