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  1. I’ll see if I can get hold of them , thank you
  2. Hi i returned home to find one of my bags was missing . It is a white plastic bag for life with some signed comics in . I last had it about 3pm photo area D then I had many clashes and had to rush about for the next 2hours and I don’t know it I didn’t pick it up or if it fell out of my other bag as I though I had put them together to carry less. I have tweeted and a friend asked the info desk to see if anything was handed in . But if anyone knows anything please let me know .
  3. It's true they always open at same time been some for years
  4. I just hope that the diamond passes get what was sold to them unlike what happened with the comic gold fiasco last year where we were miss sold and received very few of the perks that were originally sold
  5. Most ones I after have cancelled - really only need to top up my stuff from dan slott
  6. Can we get confirmation of refund before the event - as would like to use that money for alternate photo shoot? Or is there a way we can swap so we not have to be charge validation fee again as that wouldn't be fair charged double if the money still going to yourselves and validation is for your costs etc
  7. They confirmed on FB that he is at winter not summer but least he coming
  8. Limited Editon comixs will be there they have huge stock
  9. Limited Editon comixs will be there they have huge stock
  10. I got one last time he was over but now they pushing more photo shoots I say be unlikely
  11. Nooooo resist fight the system - you being charged £7.50 extra for nothing
  12. No it's the same as you got for £2.50 but with an extra fee .... Because
  13. Why isn't there just a postage cost added at the end like before? We know it's not a postage cost but surely that makes more sense then charge a lot extra? Cause it's a huge price hike if buy in bulk - and is there any extra benefit to the consumer? Is there any official reason other then we found that people couldn't understand before how to validate so we lunch everyone by charging more?
  14. Hope your ok ( and really not meaning to be negative etc ) just like to be kept updated is alla thanks for the update
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