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  1. More guests, more of the high profile guests. People will pay the extra (well I would anyway if someone like Andrew Lincoln or Matthew Fox were guests). I think people choose to moan because the announcements are last-minute, but we all understand that the bigger guests HAVE to be announced last minute. In an ideal world, I would say get as many guests as possible months before the event, but obviously this can't always be possible. Also there are never, ever too many headline guests. The more, the merrier...
  2. Wow it's Desmond! He doesn't do many signings and I don't think he does a lot of fanmail either, so this is a rare opportunity for all Lost fans. *Goes to find Lost season 1 and watch it all again*
  3. Wow, did anyone see him on 'Happy Birthday ET' last weekend? Amazing story, and an amazing guest!
  4. Amazing Heroes and Star Wars, I love the Star Wars theme
  5. Even if you only got some of the minor tributes or characters, I (and I think a LOT of others) would be there
  6. Evangeline would be a massive guest, not only for Lost but for The Hobbit and the Hurt Locker. I would have to save up so much for various autographs haha
  7. I've got a good feeling about this, Disney's takeovers of Pixar and Marvel have done really well and as long as Lucas is only having a consulting role in the new films then that can only be a good thing. Also, Star Wars couldn't end on the disappointment of the prequel trilogy, the brand needed a rest and come back rejuvenated with new people to oversee the future films. Yes,you could definitely argue that its a money-making, cynical move from George Lucas, but I'm pretty sure we're all secretly happy about the prospect of new Star Wars films...
  8. Please can someone from Showmasters (or one of the moderators) please confirm whether this is the case? Thanks
  9. The traditional 'who are you thinking of getting autographs/photoshoots from' thread. This is going to be my most relaxed con in ages, partly due to the number of cancellations. I'll write up my list of people when I get the chance. So yeah, who are you planning to meet at EMS?
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