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  1. Think the word you're after is "moribund"...
  2. Can't believe it's been nearly 5years since I posted on here - life has dragged me in some funny directions. Best of luck QS, and thanks for your help over the years.
  3. Sometimes the guests really dont want photos. In that case its Showmasters who have to be the bad guy. Maybe she was too polite to say no when people were rude and ignored the sign. Alternatively, I don't think it would be the first time a guest's agent had asked for one thing and a guest themself had done something else...
  4. In a sealed room, the fan will make the room hotter because its motor emits heat energy too. It will however reduce temperature highs by mixing hot and cooler air. It will also lower a human's temperature because it elicits evaporative cooling from the skin. Even if the room isn't sealed, if it's hotter outside than inside, none of the heat will escape. So they might make some money out of it, but at the cost of actually warming the air up slightly.
  5. No, it says it's a world first signing, meaning they have never done signings anywhere else in the world, ever. The point of also saying "its this persons only planned signing this year" is that unlike some stars who don't sign for years, then change their mind, appear at one big show with a load of pizzazz... and then appear at another four or five shows in the next six or seven months, this person has never signed before, is signing this once only, and won't be signing anywhere else for at least several months afterwards, so don't think "well I won't bother getting them at LFCC because they'll probably turn up at "X" show in September, "Y" show in October, "Z" and "Q" shows in November, and in my local chippie every Tuesday in December". Ain't gonna happen, They're breaking a lifelong duck at LFCC and then are not planning any other signings before 2016, if even then.
  6. Exactly! The know it alls here ruin the fun for everyone who just wants to have a guess (and may have a life beyond reading every post on this board) Nobody is saying you have to read every post on this board, but it's only reasonable to have the decency to read the rest of the thread. It's remarkably tedious to have somebody saying "I think it will be Harrison Ford" when there are seventeen different posts that have already patiently explained why it CAN'T be Harrison Ford as he doesn't meet the criteria. And to be honest, it's just rude. You're saying that it's fine for people to post daft suggestions on here that have already been debunked earlier in the very same thread, because they don't have 15 or 20 minutes to skim through the thread first. But it's quite all right for them to post some old nonsense and waste 10-15 seconds of hundreds of readers' time instead. This thread has had nearly 24,000 views. Even if that's just 800 people looking at it 30 times each, 800 people wasting 10 seconds each reading a comment that didn't need to be made if somebody was polite enough to read the rest of the thread first means nearly two and a quarter hours wasted between those 800 people. So with all of that said, it's obviously Dave Prowse...
  7. I'm guessing it might also be a supply and demand thing. I bet he can always use more ladies speed dating, so they get in free. However, if it was free for blokes he'd be trampled underfoot in the rush; charge 'em 25 bucks and it reduces them down to a similar number as he has ladies. (although yes, I would agree that the charge also whittles out those less "committed" to the aim of the event...
  8. And it's too late to start a campaign to persuade him to change his name to something shorter like "Bob Lob" so he could sign more
  9. Sponsored can mean "endorsed" with no implication of subsidy or "paid for by".
  10. Oh please, a change announced over five months before the originally-scheduled date does not constitute "last minute", IMHO. It's unfortunate, inconvenient, regrettable, and a whole host of other adjectives, but not "last-minute".
  11. Kind of easy to say that when it's not your money at stake...
  12. Nope, the Royal Mint produces coins. Bank Of England banknotes are printed by De La Rue at their secure printing facility in Debden, Essex.
  13. I'm unaware of Lloyds of London being given taxpayers' money; are you confusing Lloyds of London (the insurance market) with Lloyds Banking Group, who were also bailed out by the taxpayer? As to your sweeping statement about "everyone in england starts moaning", as somebody living in England, I can assure you that not "everybody in England" is moaning. And pretty much the only reason that RBS gets moaned about more than Lloyds is because it needed bailing out to a greater extent. Those that are moaning about RBS are moaning almost as much about Lloyds and are also moaning about Northern Rock. The other reason that RBS attracts more opprobrium is because dear old "Fred the Shred" had made such a big show of lavish expenditure before the crisis, and then tried to walk out with an obscenely large pension. By contrast, the top men at NR and Lloyds were much less flamboyant and contentious and so didn't draw anything like the media attention that Goodwin did to RBS. The moaning about RBS is not because they're Scottish, it's because they were the worst. Not sure what you mean in your final point about RBS not being a "fully fledged bank" because it's a plc. Plenty of banks are plcs, and that doesn't make them any less "fully-fledged" than ones that aren't. I'll grant it's not a central ("national") bank like the Bank of England, but I would point out that the Bank of Scotland has been a plc since September 2007 (before the banking crisis). And since Bank of Scotland is part of Lloyds Banking Group, then effectively it too has had UK taxpayer bailout cash. (But people don't moan about BoS anything like as much as RBS, because it wasn't the "headline" name of the banking group being bailed out, and they had no Fred Goodwin character to attract public ire to the organisation). And yeah, we're a long way off topic. Sorry.
  14. Actually I did read the thread properly and I'm quite aware of what you wrote and in reply to whom. I've never said it was the English that bailed out the banks (you may note that in fact I agreed with you about it being UK taxpayers who did). And I've never claimed it was solely Scottish banks that were in trouble. I was merely replying to your request for a "specifically Scottish bank". RBS is a bank, it is pretty Scottish (or at least it was at that time) and "specifically" doesn't mean "exclusively". I don't see anything wrong with my answer of "RBS" to your question, and that answer doesn't mean I disagree with any of the other points you've raised.
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