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  1. I agree with Malky, Gunnar Hansen would be amazing to meet! I would also love to meet Andrew Divoff, very much so in fact! I also wouldn't mind any (or all ) of the Hellraiser cast returning, as they are always such a pleasure to meet- plus the films are fantastic!
  2. Geekymegs - If you are worried about crying, don't be! Because I can safely say that there is a huge chance of me crying too! Mr. Romero means a huge amount to me, for so many reasons! Not only do I admire his films and have him down as my favourite director, but he is also a huge inspiration to me and watching his movies helped to keep me strong in some of the hardest parts of my life (they were an escape for me, one of very few. There was something about his directing and cast set up that always helped me be 'transported' to another place and away from what I was feeling/the negative stuff I was going through). His movies also got me in to makeup and prosthetics and they also play a huge role in what I do as a job today, concept art! (Namely fantasy and gore, the zombies/setup in his films where a huge inspiration to me for wounds/designs/etc!). Not only that, but I did have a chance to meet Romero at a previous show once before (this was actually back when I was going through the difficult part of my life), although I was very ill (suffering with ongoing health issues and a lot of other 'emotional' issues, mostly because of how my health was and how a few people in my life had treated me- but anyway, thats another story!), so I could not attend. It has honestly always haunted me, especially when people mentioned that he may possibly not be doing any further European conventions. Needless to say, I was over the moon and very teary when I spotted this announcement (it couldn't of come at a better time, it was the perfect addition to an amazing week! I also had the best company I could think of to hug me when I saw it!). I'm worried that I may burst in to tears (positive tears!) when I see him, haha! But I hope I can at least keep it together long enough to tell him how much him and his work mean to me! :) I have a photoshoot booked for Friday, hopefully I will get his autograph then too (I think I am going to have the photo itself signed). I am also hoping to get some of my items by him signed and buy a photo ticket for Sunday (Sunday is an important day for me and the person who was there to hug me when reading the announcement, so he, knowing how much Romero means to me, has said we should get a dual shoot together, as another extra special memory for the special day. :) ). My best friend is also wanting a dual shoot with me and him on Saturday, because we usually get a dual shoot together with someone and we both enjoy his films! :) So, in short, after that long post (my goodness, I am sorry! I tend to type a fair bit!), don't worry if you start crying, because you more than likely won't be the only one! Maybe if I see you there we can pass each other tissues, haha! :) Its nice to read a post from another person who is as passionate about Romero as myself!
  3. First of all, sorry for the delay in replying! I've been quite rushed off of my feet recently- and a little under the weather! KingRichard76 - I agree, I was living off of cool drinks and ice lollies. The staff at Asda must of had quite an interesting weekend that week, haha! Indeed I was furry! I was a black wolf-dog (named 'Blue'). :) Incredibly warm, but so worth it! I got a lot of laughs out of that costume! Your guest encounters sound brilliant and good fun! Its always nice when someone you want to meet is just as friendly and nice as you hoped they would be! I met both Tony Todd and Kane Hodder and both of them were amazing, they put up with me and all of my crazy antics, haha (I had Mr. Todd teaching me tricks when I was in the Blue costume, then we had a howl-a-long sing-a-long together, lol)! :) I'm glad you had a great time! Robert_Bond75- Those photos are lovely! I would love copies if possible! Thank you very much for wanting to photograph me, I am very flattered! Although I seem to pull some rather interesting.... er.... 'interesting' (for lack of a better word, lol...) faces when I am talking with my friends and other guests, I see! Haha! I was Lulu from Final Fantasy X on the Friday (I also didn't get there until a bit later on, due to waiting on an electrician) and Blue the Wolf-Dog from Wolf's Rain on Sunday. :) Did you catch me at all? I've included photos, so you can see! Lulu (standing on Vaders head, naturally, lol!): And Blue! Although as Blue I did run around on two legs a fair bit and I did occasionally remove my mask, due to the heat! It was very nice to meet you too, I am always incredibly flattered when people want to take photos of me/with me, I find it very kind! :) Sorry for the delay again!
  4. KingRichard76- It was indeed! The weather certainly helped, although I was a bit warm on the Sunday (was in a rather furry costume!). I agree to the guests too, all of the ones I met were very friendly and warm and I had a good laugh with them. :) I do believe I have just found you on there (I hope you don't mind me looking for you!). I'll go ahead and add you, if you don't mind of course! :)
  5. KingRichard76- Oh bless you, thank you once again for your kind words- I am very flattered! :) I had a wonderful time at the convention, despite being a bit under the weather (I was there all three days, different costume per day mind you!). I got to meet two people I have wanted to meet for a very long time- as well as many lovely guests, so that had me smiling! As I said, it was lovely to meet you! You are welcome to tag me on the photo/add me on there! :) DarthGinger- Ohh! I would of gladly taken a photo with you (especially with your forum signature, haha! It applies so well to a couple of fun photos we took, lol!). I'm usually at most conventions, often doing Leia or Padme in the warmer months- so you are more than welcome to come on over to me and we can have a chat and photo!
  6. I was the Leia, thank you ever so much for your kind words! :) It was very nice to meet you! I hope that you had a wonderful time at the convention.
  7. This is a fantastic announcement! I love Robert and he is always a pleasure to meet! I will definitely be meeting him again! Thank you so much SM!
  8. I would love to meet so many of these! Going to add Andrew Divoff and George A. Romero to that list too!
  9. I would love to see the Throne at MK! :) I would definitely get some more photos on it- I just can't resist, lol (I want to blame my addiction on my nickname being 'Queen'... but...). You have my vote for this, 110%!
  10. I sense this may be another Throne harrasment from us xD 'Throne harassment'? Why good sir, whatever could you mean? I heard reports of this, also heard that the throne is still attending weekly therapy sessions because of it! Reports of bizarre goings on such as this, by any chance? Thats for not joining the Darkside! That throne saw quite a few... interesting poses in Cardiff... *Ahem* We were just 'educating' people and teaching them that a throne can be used for for more than just being sat on! Unfortunately, I am sure poor Ludo will suffer some kind of similar fate. He needs educating too!
  11. Are you there both days? :) We will all keep an eye out for you! We tend to roam around inside ourselves, so the chances are we will bump in to each other at some point throughout the day. I look forward to seeing you! :)
  12. I sense this may be another Throne harrasment from us xD 'Throne harassment'? Why good sir, whatever could you mean?
  13. I will be with a small group of cosplayers on both days, it would be lovely to take photos with you! :) On the Saturday, three of us are cosplaying as the Addams family (I will be Morticia Addams) - whilst two others cosplay scientists from Pacific Rim. On the Sunday, we will be cosplaying Star Wars. I will be Padme Amidala. We will have a Vader with us and possibly a cosplay of younger Anakin. We would love to be a part of the photos for your son and if you can think of any poses that might make him laugh, you are more than welcome to tell us- no matter how silly! :) If you see us wandering around, please do come over- we most certainly will if we see you (I would love a photo, personally, as I think the charity work you are doing is fantastic)! We will be there for most of the day, from around 11 onwards I believe (providing traveling goes smoothly, of course!).
  14. Ahaha! This is fantastic! Nostalgia all the way! I am definitely going to have to get a photo or two with Ludo!
  15. I'm using this as a reference, pretty much just copying what's there. I'm just using ordinary Snazaroo face paint and I have face paint sponges and a variety of brushes. I'm actually better at the details, though I'm still not great at those - but my worst thing is the base orange and white. I've just had another test run and it looks like one of the Starlight Express makeups. I'm the most angular cat in the world right now First of all, sorry for the delay in replying! I've been rushing around preparing the last few days! That was not the same reference I was looking at, she had a stripe in mine- down the middle of her face and quite a bit of shading from yellowish colours, to oranges, to fiery oranges/near red (second image on google images, for me!). Anyway! For that reference, are you padding the white on with a sponge? (I have to admit, I don't use Snazaroo because it does not work on my skin that well and I am not too fond of it. Most grease paint, if not all, doesn't work for me. >_<; ). Padding it on should help to break it up more and make it less 'solid' looking. It will be more of a natural/smooth transition between the white and orange. I unfortunately, don't have her colours in any of my makeup sets, as I usually specialise in Elphaba and things of the like, etc (lol, a green cat, anyone?), otherwise I would offer to bring the whole lot down for you. I have no idea how the setting spray will sit on top of Snazaroo either (as the stuff I use is for Kryolan), or how the primer (to stop it from staining your skin) will be underneath- otherwise I would offer to bring those too! I can however bring the waterproofing powder if you don't have any, which will help to keep it all in place. If you want to try the other stuff too (I will warn you, the setting spray is strong), I would be willing to bring them along! :) For the details, use fine brushes- sometimes I swap to powders to add shading (MAC eyeshadows work well, as they are very pigmented and hold their colour well). As for the fur details around the eyes on your reference, try not to use too much colour on the brush and flick light and fast- so it fades into the colour behind and is not too bold. If I get time, I will have a go whacking up her makeup in the not-so-catlike sets I have, to see how I fair and if I can give any more advise. I am willing to try and help you out on the day if you would like, but again, I have not done any form of CATS makeup- nor do I have much experience with those colours or Snazaroo. I will be there both days, dressed as Morticia Addams on the Saturday and battle Padme Amidala on the Sunday (if I can teach my friends how to do prosthetics, I should have the slashes on me- considering they will be on my back, I can't do them myself this time LOL). We will be there all day too. :) From the morning, around 11- if not earlier. So if you need me and see me, come on over! I promise we don't bite. (I'll pack my powder at least and then the rest, if you would like to try it :) They just help to keep your makeup in place and not smudge for a longer period of time- but again, I have no idea how well they will work with Snazaroo).
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