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  1. Any sign of the Showmasters autograph vouchers going up for sale at all? My other half always buys me some at Christmas to use at SM events the following year.
  2. I've been a few times and looking forward to going tomorrow, though I'm aiming to get there for 10. As far as I know the hall should be open and you queue in the lobby before the opening time. I've done that before even for the 10 admission time. If you are paying on the day there are usually a couple of tables where people take the money, give you an admission ticket and then you can enter the hall.
  3. If that is a clue, that was a line from 'The Fly' and I know Jeff Golblum is on the con circuit this year, plus of course he was in Guardians of the Galaxy 2 which of course is the pina colada clue.
  4. I've looked around today and Gary doesn't seem to be here so I guess he had to cancel?
  5. Ahh gutted I had 14 items to get signed from Daniel for myself and a few friends!! Hope to see him another time.
  6. Brilliant, I was gutted he had to cancel last year, I met his brother Frazer then, so it will be good to add him to my Jawa multi along with Rusty Goffe.
  7. Just what I was thinking, how about Spencer Wilding, one of the guy's behind the mask of Rogue One's Darth Vader?
  8. Nice one SM, another one to add to the CE Rogue One print.
  9. As next year is the 40th anniversary of Star Wars: A New Hope, how about the return of Empire Day! That would be amazing if it was.
  10. Ahhhhh glad I just saw this post, I've just packed everything up for tomorrow, got to take a couple of items out now!!
  11. I was just thinking the same for a great Jawa reunion with the Diamond brothers!
  12. Shame, but hopefully that means Tim will be working on Episode 8, so good luck to him.
  13. Nice one, I know he has been quite a hard name to get and refused to do cons/signings in the past so he is a great add. I will be adding him to my Jabba multi without a doubt.
  14. I actually read that a couple of hours ago here http://www.ew.com/article/2015/12/17/daniel-craig-makes-cameo-star-wars-force-awakens he says "I'll tighten those restraints, scavenger scum!".
  15. I'm sure you might have heard this before, but Daniel Craig also spent a day on set dressed as a Stormtrooper. It wouldn't surprise me if a few other well known actors also had small parts. I saw it yesterday in IMAX 3D and was blown away by how it looks, would really recommend seeing it in that format if you can. I enjoyed more so then the prequels, but felt characters like Poe and Captain Phasma were really underused, here's hoping that they will get more screen time in Episode 8 (If Phasma made it out of the trash compactor!). I think we all knew that Han would be killed off as it was originally said that Ford had only signed up for 1 movie, I thought he might have gone out being a hero and saving someone or something like that. Also it was never really explained why they were looking for Luke in the first place. But didn't Hamill look like Oliver Reed in Gladiator at the end! Spare a thought for people queuing for the next showing after me, when we came out some guy shouted out at the top of his voice 'Han dies'! The look on some of the people's faces was devastating.
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