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  1. Just a quick one, if you go to the home page and scroll down to the spring event it has the wrong dates on it (but when you click the link it reveals the right dates) https://www.showmastersevents.com/
  2. I share mine on Facebook only dropping the odd photo if I am not happy with it, this year I shared them all. William Shatner was my main one that had the most appreciation I guess down to being the most recognisable. Some friends don’t get it but that’s their problem not mine as I will keep talking to them about it
  3. Loved the different poses by Bernard Cribbins, so glad to meet him.
  4. One quick one from me is I went tech this year by having tickets on the Eventbrite app and also had the Showmasters app, but for photo shoots I was asked what batch number I had, but this isn’t on either app so then had to search through emails to find it. Can these be on the eventbrite app in the future or be able to add to my schedule on the Showmasters app?
  5. I only managed the beginning of the talk due to a clash, but he started off with a bit of a chat about a recent trip to France and a few puns. Then a q&a started with one on Peter Falk and Columbo followed by twilight zone. Had my photo which was great and he was polite and friendly, top man.
  6. Thought today was one if the best days, a bit hot at times in queues but overall loved it.
  7. On the Sunday it mentions a William Shatners Diamond pass talk. I paid for a William Shatner talk, is it the same one as the diamond pass talk?
  8. Waited months for today and in particular to meet John as he cancelled last time, but now is my turn with some sort of man flu and just thrown my photo shoot tickets for today in the bin. Does anyone know if he has any plans to be a guest at any other Showmaster events?
  9. I have bought a photo for Sunday and he is on the Sunday schedule so hopefully it is Sunday...
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