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  1. I am going as the BFG (big friendly giant) from the roald dahl book or movie
  2. hey everyone i may not have been in my cosplay outfit but however, it was nice to see all the cosplays you all did very nice and were very friendly also thank you for photo's
  3. i am pleased to announce that i am nearly finished oogie boogies mask that i made intirely out of scratch like foam and plastic canvases and etc so i hope to get a photo of you captain sparrows again but in the SECC https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=685130638233364&set=a.270175159728916.64692.100002093036509&type=1&theater and everyone else who likes The Nightmare before Christmas of course
  4. hey Captain i don't suppose we could have a photo together like last year but this time as oogie boogie?
  5. sorry bad news i can't afford to go as the Big friendly giant THIS year but....i'll go as the Big Friendly Giant Next year so i'll stay as oogie boogie for the weekend
  6. hey everyone quick update i'm also going as the big friendly giant from the movie it may be a old movie but still, no one has ever done it so hear is my chance i'll be wearing green long shorts a hooded cape and mabay make the trumpet so please a few photos on this as well
  7. Hey eveyone, good news i'm done with the moving jaw foam mask of oogie boogie i'll just need to put the fabric on and that'll be it. Hey captain, i hope you and i can get another photo in the SECC this year as oogie boogie
  8. a fine fight i might say we'll be doing the nightmare before christmas posses that Jack and oogie do so get as many as you can. can't wait
  9. i think i'll only be doing my oogie boogie costume in the one in the SECC just the green woven version of oogie boogie you know which one i mean, a mate of mine will be Jack skeleton so hope to get pictures please
  10. hey everyonei'm going as oogie boogie this year
  11. hey people good news i have decided to become as oogie boogie from the nightmare before christmas
  12. it was awesome getting so many photo's from everyone almost everyone as the dalek human
  13. if anyone see's a person with black armor plate with overalls a weired helmet like a dalek and a gun like a dalek you'll know it's me don't be shy, i won't bite just come and say hi i'd like to meet you captain as well as everyone he he he. see all of ya tomorrow
  14. defo get lots of photo's of everyone in the same photo
  15. i hope to see you, all of you and get photo's
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