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  1. it was the first time i'd had it on at an event , don't get me wrong it's no big thing just a wee small thing , i can understand the reasoning behind it being for crew only
  2. awsome weekend and enjoyed our wee chat on Saturday night Jason . I only had one wee hick up the whole weekend due to over heating in costume and not being able to get water , even when asking a member of the showmasters crew to quote her "it's only for the crew" . it might be an idea to allow costumers water especially the Garrison members as these costumes can be realy really hot .
  3. @Sunspots , can i pinch the pic of my Dengar costume for use on my hunts list in the 501st Bounty Hunters Guild , thats the first time i'v trooped in it as it was just branded on the Saturday
  4. that is true , i'v entered 2 origional costumes in the past , general idea on paper what you wanted the costume to look like
  5. mr Sparrow i think you may have placed very highly if you had entered , especially with the walk and the voice , if you get a chance throw up a pic of You with me in my Dengar costume
  6. well i go because Scotland has an event like this , full stop . I have fun every year , even if there are guests that i'm not interested in , and i will continue to attened as long as Showmasters keep putting this event on . Keep up the good work guys , you have never let me down yet . See you all tomorrow
  7. Scapey and crew have a table booked dude , likely to be the same place as usual
  8. like i said just book the Glasgow Airport Travel lodge just marginaly dearer , plus it's not that far away . 10 min car/taxi ride
  9. just a quick note , the Breahead Travel Lodge is fully booke for the CMG weekend , the next nearest and cheapest is the Glasgow airport Travel Lodge just a tad dearer but only by £10 , plus it's only about 10 mins drive if that
  10. no cosplay for me this year , will be the first time i haven't entered
  11. I'll be looking for prop replicas , anything as long as the price is right . Anything Star Wars related as well , assuming i get time to look around . I'll be out front trooping with the UKG
  12. Vintage carded figures , ooft not unlikely but very very rare indeed , plus your talking mega bucks
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