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  1. Hi everyone i met a few walking dead cosplayers and would love to start a group, if any of you guys are on this forum please dont hesitate to drop me a message. I was the girl dressed as Negan :)
  2. Hi, Yeah i got to meet him and i have to confess i was starstruck too. Meeting him was definitely the highlight of the day :). He was really lovely and very charismatic. We chatted about the new Alien movie He was kind enough to let me get my picture taken with him and he noticied it didnt turn out so he made sure we got another one taken. Thanks to Mr Biehn and showmasters for a lovely day. Memories made xxx
  3. So Looking forward to meeting him. He has always been on my list and was sad I couldn't meet him in 2007.
  4. Met Armin today, lovely guy and got my sunnydale high yearbook signed :)
  5. bunnycure

    Latest Guest Announcement - BURN GORMAN

    Had the pleasure of meeting Burn today, lovely guy and very friendly and shares some cool stories :) hope to met him again !!
  6. bunnycure

    Fab Time!

    Had a fabby time today and all the fam loved it, managed to grab some awesome bargain too, already getting excited for next year :) x
  7. looking forward to meeting him :) x
  8. bunnycure

    General Chat

    As it got so busy last year I missed my chance to get my pic with Gollum, hopefully I might get another chance
  9. bunnycure

    guest suggestions

    Paul Mcgann was a great guest would love to see him back :)
  10. bunnycure

    Merry Christmas

    Happy Christmas Everyone! hope Santa is good to you all and you get loads of cool collectables xx
  11. bunnycure

    Any cure's for post convention blues?

    Maybe be idea to arrange a wee Geek Retreat outing in the New Year post or pre Convention :)
  12. bunnycure

    The Hobbit

    Have to agree enjoyed this one a lot more and I have to confess I enjoyed seeing Orlando Bloom return as legolas