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  1. I know this will never happen but girl can dream. Robert Downey Jr
  2. Thank you for this AWESOME guest. I can't wait to meet Alice Cooper. Please bring Johnny Depp. Joe Perry. Tommy Henriksen as well. love Hollywood Vampires
  3. He would awesome, also have Tommy Henriksen as well.
  4. super excited I'm coming to LFCC this year only on Saturday. I'm finally going to meet Kim Coates
  5. Clare Danes Rupert Friend Mandy Patinkin David Marciano Bob Odenkirk Aaron Paul Bryan Cranston Jonathan Banks Ian McKellen John Turturro Steve Coogan Michael Sheen Joaquin Phoenix Henry Winkler Alan Alda Stephen Graham Andrew McCarthy Ian McShane Gary Sinise Andrew Scott Adrian Dumbar Martin Compston Vicky McClure Daniel Mays Mark Strong
  6. Line Of Duty Cast Martin Compston Vicky McClure Adrian Dunbar Stephen Graham Craig Parkinson Keeley Hawes Daniel Mays Neil Morrissey Lennie James Thandie Newton Will Mellor ----------------------------------------------------------------- Kim Coates Bill Pullman Keifer Sutherland Michael Sheen Nathan Fillion Steve Coogan ( He would be my dream guest ) Rob Brydon John Turturro Game Of Thrones cast
  7. Steve Coogan Not sure if he does Conventions?? he would be Awesome guest. Kim Coates Nathan Fillion
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