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  1. Okay! I'll keep an eye on the Eventbrite site...and also on Facebook and Twitter, maybe if I see some updates there I won't forget to check the website
  2. @Nerd Who thank you very much! It helped really a lot! Now I'll try to check every photo op I'm interested in, so I can see what it's better to get sooner and what could wait a little more XD Oh...so I'll need to decide quickly which DP to get before I find them already sold out :/ Well, I'll try to check often the site so I can see more or less how much time I could have left, thank you! :)
  3. For the days, yes I'm planning to go only Sunday since I'll be in London only for few days and I'd like to make some sightseeing~ And I'm fearing a bit to see them sold out, but I need time to choose & to save a bit more money (so I can do a diamond and maybe one or two photo ops)...but maybe I could have some luck xD And right now my whovian side is only interested in the Doctors So I'm trying to choose between them XD I'll return to come here to check the forum so I won't miss anything again! And thank you very much for the info about the photo ops! I'd really like to buy them as earlier as possibile, but I still need some time to save enough money...and I'll also need to choose, since I don't think that I'll be able to save enough to afford for everything lol
  4. I didn't check this forum for a month...and I missed so many guest announcements that now I don't know what to do anymore LOL ... ...well, I'll start buying (finally, maybe) Sunday's entrance ticket...but know I'm stuck at choosing diamond & photo op passes. Maybe I already asked it, but...how much in advance is better to get them? XD I need other time to decide XD
  5. Yes, it made sense! And reading again the description, the part about choosing the day it's only on the photo op section of the description...now that you said it, it makes more sense XD So - hoping to not sound dumb but I want to make sure to have understood correctly - if the number I could get will be called on Saturday, I can join the queue anytime on Sunday? I could also try to plan my trip to go to both Saturday and Sunday to be sure to not miss anything, but I'll end up having less time to sightseeing since (not counting the arrival & leaving days) I'll stay for less than a week :/ Well, I'll think about it. Thank you!
  6. @Raylenth I have another question about the diamond pass: I checked on the page where tickets and pass are sold and on "more info" there is written that you can choose the day for it...you know if it's true? Because right now I'm hyped again and if I can save enough money in short time I'm thinking to get the diamond pass...or the photo op with both Peter Capaldi and Pearl Mackie.
  7. Ow...well, maybe one day I'll be able to go to another one :) I'm already checking online for them, thank you! :) It's already on my list with the Tower of London and Trafalgar Square...and The Who Shop
  8. Eh...sadly I'm unemployed so I can only rely on my savings and because of that I have to keep an eye on my expenses <___<" They are already on my list! A Doctor Who tour? I didn't know about that! I only found about the ones about Harry Potter...I need to do some research for it!
  9. @Chris1970 I'll try to be prepared to everything and I'll keep an eye on the weather reports... I only hope that the summer heat is lower than the one we have here in Italy or I'll melt! X°D @R4wly97 yes, I'm thinking on going only one day since I'm planning to do some sightseeing during the other days of my stay and I'm like "I want to see all the things!" @Raylenth thank you very much! For the diamond (if I'll decide to buy it) I'll need to wait until I'll saved enough money for it, but if higer numbers are easily on Sunday I won't have to worry about it I also thought about meeting other guests (Pearl, McCoy and Baker since I'm a fan of Doctor Who XD) but I don't think that I'll be able to afford it and doing everything in one day :/ Thank you all for the help! I've been here only for few hours and I already received many great advices and answers!
  10. Okay! I'll keep an eye on this thread more often so I won't miss anything useful I'm not really worried for how much it will be busy, I'm used to crowded conventions...but maybe it would make it a bit harder to get autographs and such :/ But I'll remember about the £5 notes! If someone could tell me some more about Diamond, that would be nice...even if maybe I can't afford to spend that much money on it XD I'll surely take with me a water bottle...also because I usually can't stand summer heat. <___< and because of that, how is summer in London? So I'll know what to pack for the week :) I'll do it! Thank you @Chris1970 and @Kurdamoni!
  11. Okay! Thank you very much! And thanks again, I hope to not struggle too much when I'll arrive in London XD I thought about buying the Diamond pass for Capaldi...but it's a bit too expensive for me :/ I'm already "breaking my piggy bank" for plane tikets, housing & other I was thinking to going only on Sunday...since it will be also my first time in London, I'm planning to stay for a week and do some sightseeing like other turists @R4wly97 LOL bBoth first-timers!:D Thank you :) @wjbleming @Chris1970 thank you again! Aaand I'm joining asking info for the quickest way to get to Olympia on Sunday morning~ If I'm remembering correctly, I'll be in Bayswater area (I have to check the booking for the right name of the road) and right now it's too early to find anything with GoogleMaps Thanks!
  12. Hi~ This will be my first time at LFCC and I have few questions...maybe someone already asked them before but, well, I have to admit that I didn't read all eleven pages of this thread How long before the convention should I buy the ticket? Like...right now or I could still find them even few weeks before LFCC? And I saw that the tickets for the photo sessions with the guests are sold online but how it works for autographs? I think that I read in the first pages of this thread that you could get them only at the convention...right? Thank you in advance and sorry if my English is a bit crappy, but it's been years since last time I studied it and my grammar&vocabulary are a bit rusty
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