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  1. I don't know if this is the stall you are looking for, but there was a stall called Horns Of Odin that was selling horns. I don't remember if they sold jewelry too but they definitely were selling horns. Hope this helps
  2. I'm sitting on the floor opposite photo area F, catching my breath. Just returned from autograph area, was supposed to get Lana Parrilla's auto but it turned out she's on lunch and won't be returning until 15:30 as she has the afternoon photoshoot at 14:00. I did manage to get a glimpse of the photos used for autos though, they are so pretty!!! There's no way I can choose just one!!! Though I am disappointed that she won't be doing personalisations and photos aren't allowed at all. Shame but I can understand it. Well thankfully I can take photos during her talk. And I got a photo with her during her AM photo-op so I'm good. She's really a sweetheart and so stunning. After my photo with her (a hug pose because who wouldn't hug that gorgeous woman?!) I was literally shaking and almost crying. I never thought I could have a chance of meeting her so this is a dream come true! Also the con itself is amazing, so many stalls and stuff to see! The crew has been really helpful, too. My days here in London have been really amazing as well, I've had lots of fun touring the city and seeing all kinds of major landmarks. This is by far best vacation ever!!!
  3. I'm at the airport waiting for my flight with my dad. This will be my first time in UK/London so I'm really exited, London seems so cool. And the fact that on Sunday I'll be meeting my favourite actress of all time is making this trip even better. God I can't wait!!!
  4. Thank you both for your answers, now I'm much more relieved.
  5. Hi, a newbie here! It's my first time attending any con and I'm really nervous, so if you guys could clarify a few things for me I would be really grateful. :) 1. During photo-ops, how tolerant are the photographers and crew towards poses? I mean how easily do they allow people to do poses with a guest? I know that poses that are complex and time-consuming are forbidden, but would a hugging pose be alright, if the guest agrees to it? I would really love it if I could hug my idol when I meet her, as it has been my dream for a long time. However if the photo-op crew says no to a hug, is it possible to get a hug when getting an autograph from her? (Actually what do you guys recommend, should I try to get a hug during photos or during autographs? That is if the queues aren't long and the guest is ok with it.) 2. When will the guests do autographs? I looked at last year's schedule and (unless I missed something) it only showed the times when the guests are doing talks or photo-ops. There's no mention of when the guests are signing autographs. Is there even a set time for the guests to do autographs or are they at the signing table every time they're free? (When they're not on breaks, of course...) 3. How do the autographs work? The LFCC website says that you purchase the autograph at the desk that is before the signing table. That is for normal tickets. What do I do if I have a Diamond Pass? As the autograph is included in the DP, I don't have to pay anything. Do I just head straight to the queue then or do I have to show my pass to anyone before that? I assume that I have to show my pass at some point, but who is the person I show my DP to? 4. One last question about autographs: I know LFCC provides you with a photo to get signed if you don't bring something of your own, but is there a "collection" to choose from? Like are there a few different photos on display and you choose one of those to get signed or is there only one kind of photo available (that is the same for anyone getting an autograph from that particular guest)?
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