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  1. Thanks x I did think she did cancel just found it strange it wasn't anywhere to confirm
  2. I really hope for those attending tomorrow that, it is organised a little better x enjoy
  3. Gutted, couldn't find her today looked again and again, did she cancel last minute? She wasn't crossed out on the photo shoot plan neather can't find anywhere saying she was cancelled
  4. my photoshoot with mark Williams and the car was.. (in my opinion) was burry but my photo shoot with the 2 doctors and tardis green screen came out ok. I know what you mean... Been going for these events for a while now and felt it was the worst photo shoot I had had
  5. Did think the queing for ray park? (I think it was) was redicolos could barely move round that area, and i found it confusing with other guests on what que to get in... on the other hand I thought the organising for the green screen photo shoots was good and the crew was very helpful and happy... though I do think they both needed to have been behind a screen so that people didn't take photos whilst people where getting there professional photo done... still people were ignoring the crew.
  6. Now I'm interested and wanting to come!!!! Please let me know if I book 11am tickets to get in, That I won't miss the double photo opportunity with the 11am entry ticket?
  7. Aw, thank you!! I was worried I was going silly! :) I am in Batch 2... does this mean I be in the afternoon shoot? as the first shoot is only 5 minutes?
  8. Also, with the Captain Jack (John Barrowman) photo shoot, was there a Batch no. when booking, My memory is terrible and can't remeber, doesnt say on ticket as i can see. Just noticed there was a photo shoot in the morning and one in the afternoon, reason for me asking
  9. Brilliant Thank you!! Now to start planning, John Barrowman in Captain Jack suit and talk... Here I come!!! Also Kai Owen photo shoot <3 and a few autographs too <3 I can't wait!
  10. I can't wait for Collectormania 24 in june! I was wondering which stalls/sellers everyone is drawn too? anyone remember the auction table at MK? I loved taking part in that, and won some good bits 'autograghs' on it, I hope that is going to be there at C24! I also love anything with DR.Who or any autograghs of stars I know im not going to get, or have a very low chance of getting!
  11. that looks a good site to try! Thanks :) xx
  12. sorry, does this work http://www.famouscollectables.co.uk/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=20_31
  13. anyone think these are the same as the time care boxes and wallets nick use to sell ?! http://www.famouscollectables.co.uk/
  14. Thank you for your help!!!, I had to go through the system twice cause I ran out of time... but I can confurm I have booked and printed out all my tickets and they are all personlised This event is turning out to very expensive but amazing at the same time.... bring me the Dr.who, torchwood and harry potter guests anytime...
  15. Oh, ok, I will do this then. I just wanted to be double sure im doing the right thing. Im guessing I can use the same email adress, cause my parrents rarely use them, I think it would just be safer :) Sorry, I know I'm asking question after question today, My dyslexia doesn't always let me understand what is writen, which leads me asking 20 questions
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