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  1. Liked my DP gifts, but my little fan that came in the SM bag didn't work... I was gutted when I started to melt in the heat of one of the queues! Oh well, I guess that'll teach me to take a fan with me next time!
  2. Agree with everyone's comments about the Sheen talk itself being great. They were both funny and insightful, and it was a privilege to get to see them on stage together. The experience of getting into the talk, lack of communication about where to go, queueing for an hour, talk only being an hour long, lack of the limited edition print (which I completely forgot about at the time) are all disappointing parts of an otherwise great experience. I understand that as it was Saturday and it was mega busy that some things didn't run exactly to plan, but hopefully these things can be improved for future events (and it'd be nice if our prints could be posted to us).
  3. Always wanted to meet him, and now I've got a Friday photo
  4. Saturday DP booked... My poor credit card is currently melting from overuse!
  5. Still 3 hours to go and the butterflies are going crazy! I have most definitely switched off from work this afternoon and have been obsessively reading forum posts and generally getting myself built up for 19:00!
  6. Gotcha... All understood and corrected, so hopefully it reads a bit better now!
  7. Well, I like it here, so figured I should probably avoid annoying anyone unnecessarily!
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