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  1. Have to say for me yes he was a little quiet but acknowledged me & was really nice so no complaints.. thank you LFCC
  2. Yeah sorry guys did mean acid free & thanks for the help 👍
  3. Hey.. just looking for some advise if anyone can help! Looking for an album to keep my photos & autographs that I've got from these events but understand they must be a curtain type.. I've been told the pages need to alcohol free! Sorry for sounding a little vague but hope some one can help & point me in the right direction Thanks in advance 😀
  4. Hi there I've still not had my signed photo that i pre ordered... how long does this take????
  5. Gutted i couldn't make Sunday unfortunately had the dreaded cold but i did order a William Shatner signed photo & i was wondering how long after do the photos get sent out?
  6. There has been so many post I apologise for missing some but all i was asking was clarification & you have answered that thank you
  7. Yeah is slightly rude but i read that it's been sorted then there is still photos missing.. It's either sorted or not!!
  8. Where are the photos from the Dolph & Carl shoot.. There still not on there!
  9. There seems to be a huge lightbox problem so many photos missing.. Does anyone know IF this will ever be fixed as nothing seems to have been sorted for days!?!
  10. So does anyone know if the photos with Dolph & Carl will still be uploaded?
  11. Ok no worries I'm sure there be up soon 😀
  12. Don't look like there all loaded up yet.. On Saturday there's no photos of With Carl Weathers or the the duel photos with Carl & Dolph
  13. Ok cheers was just wondering as they were available quicker last year!
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