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  1. ***Edited by mod*** Apologies but you will need to contact the office for permission to post this. Thanks
  2. Glad to see we all feel the same! But also good to see everyone is just as pumped for whatever cons comes next for them! I know for me it's Bournemouth at the start of September, I want to meet Agent 33 and tick off another Agents of Shield guest.
  3. Con weekends take so long to get here and go so quickly 😞 I had a amazing time, showmasters always pull off great cons. Now I'm suffering from the con blues
  4. I've been attending cons since 2013 but this year I decided to start vlogging them as well. So the first one I vlogged was LFCC 2016 and then everyone one I attended after that has been vlogged also. So here is a link to the playlist of them all below. Please check them out, let me know what you think by giving them a like, commenting and if you want to see more subscribe. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLn1sF0iZDaqPffWmSOYDZrYHJhAFMX6wf The most recent con I vlogged was LFCC summer last weekend so here is the link to the Saturday and Sunday ones of those below because I am sur
  5. So I usually do a Vlog every con I go to and so here is my Saturday and Sunday ones of LFCC 2016. Saturday was a busy day for me guest wise but Sunday we had an amazing guest experience worth checking out. LFCC Summer 2016 - Met Jeremy Renner, Dominic Monaghan, Mads Mikkelsen, Elden Henson, Jon Heder LFCC Summer 2016 - Sunday - Autographs, Selfies, Hanging out with Jamie Harris Any comments are appreciated and if you do enjoy subscribe for more and you can check out my ones from previous cons as well!
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