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  1. In all fairness it looked a lot better in the photo, but you're right it wasn't great
  2. It's a long shot but I would love to see: Game of thrones: Maisie Williams Sophie Turner Kit Harrington Harry potter: Rupert, Emma, Daniel. Breaking Bad: Anyone
  3. 2015 was almost my last con. Much better last year tho.
  4. There is room but people are not very forgiving. Took a pushchair one year and heard lots of muttered "why would you bring a baby." Might have had something to do with the fact that it was the busiest comic con I have ever attended and you literally couldn't move. It has been a lot better the last 2 years.
  5. I think I might have accidentally touched Gemma Whelan's bum when I had my photo shoot. I don't know if I did or not but I'm still cringing about it.
  6. I would love to see some of the big Game of Thrones guests that we may not have had before and Eva Green would be awesome.
  7. Ok so say i have a gold pass and i have a photoshoot ticket for a guest and its batch 3. Does that mean i can join the front of the third batch or can i join the front of the first batch?
  8. Totally agree, that was my biggest take away from this show. i will definitely keep attending if they keep this format, i attended 2 years ago and it was a really bad experience, put me off attending last year as well.
  9. Im looking back at a video i took of myself walking in and it looks empty but i can assure you there were plenty of stalls. Everything was more spread out this year so you didnt get the crazy bottlenecking which made you want to kill yourself, it was actually quite pleasant to look around the stalls this year.
  10. It was terrible. The queue had done a zig zag and come back on itself so that the back of the queue was right next to me, when it started moving the lady next to me (at the back of the queue) just turned and started walking with me as did everyone else. I really dont understand whats wrong with people. I just gave up and sat at the back.
  11. So I know some people had issues but it think one thing most will agree on is that splitting up the guest area and stalls area this year has seriously cut down on traffic. Even though it was still busy I was nowhere near as stressed as when I attended 2 years ago. Please keep doing this for future events.
  12. You see no difference because it looks the same. There are far more toxic fumes being thrown out of the back of bumblebee as they revd the engine. I understand some people don't like it and that's why I choose to go outside and since there isn't enough data to prove they are not harmful then I will continue to do so.
  13. I use an e-cig and I always leave the venue to use it because I prefer to be outside. I don't really know what you mean about the smell though because mine has a slight fruity scent, but it's very slight you would need to inhale deeply right in the vapour. Secondly it's not smoke it's water vapour. It is not classed as smoking because smoking is defined as burning a substance. This is vaporising. The reason many people use them is because you can get your nicotine fix without the hundreds of other chemicals and the tar and ash.
  14. I had a gold pass so used the gold pass entrance in morning. I was instructed to go to the ticket booth to get my pass (wrong) so I joined the que at the ticket booth. There were 2 people behind me who were talking, "see I told you there was no point in pre ordering tickets, much quicker this way" and this was at 9pm with nearly all the early bird still outside. Wtf happened?
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