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  1. QS, vicky is still 'banned' despite moving from Tesco Mobile to iD Mobile (operated by EE). Any ideas? (Other than scream at your laptop, I don't want you doing that) Thanks for your help as always
  2. Try Victoria line down to Victoria and then District line to Kensington Olympia. The District line is open just not the Overground bit. That came from the staff there on Thursday btw.
  3. I know it's done now, but next time, don't book via Trainline because they charge you a booking fee. Your local station will do it for free for you (if you can easily get to a working station at the moment!).
  4. Google Maps says walk to Shepherd's Bush Underground and then catch the Central Line to Oxford Circus, 27 minutes
  5. Bare in mind that some buses may not be running due to the bike ride as well on Saturday.
  6. Your ticket may not allow you into Euston, it depends on what it says on it. If it says Travelcard, then you'll be fine, but if it is literally says Birkenhead to Kensington Olympia, then no, it won't allow it. If it says the latter, my advice would be to go to a station before the travel day and get it changed so you can get a refund and then a swap.
  7. If you are going Saturday or Sunday, then yes. It will not affect you if you are going Thursday or Friday though.
  8. vicky is still getting the banned error message and is on Tesco Mobile aka O2. Has a workaround been established?
  9. Baldrick! I have a cunning plan. On Saturday, I'm going to go up to his desk, part with £25 and obtain his autograph.
  10. Times look different compared to previous years: Friday is 10am-7pm Saturday is 9am-7pm Sunday is 9am-6pm
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