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  1. Next Event

  2. Next Event

  3. Hi I am the guy who dresses as wonder woman for charity I stopped two years ago I will be back in costume at this year's event Anyone else returning???? Hope to see you all there
  4. Help on friday

    Hi it used to be a 9 am start on the Friday. I would leave home at 5 am travel up in the dark and early morning in costume to the event. No one really saw or took notice of you. With the later start I will be seen by everybody at 7 am ,notice by morning traffic especially when I get off the bus and walk the last 2 miles to the event . I will be dressed as wonder woman 6,4 in height with go go boots corset big hair and large chest , I don't want to be the cause of traffic accidents, bus crashes, people walking into each other or into things, scaring the children who are headed to school. Is there a chance of starting earlier on Friday, if anything for the safety of the locals Will there be changing rooms it take two hr's to get ready and an hour to change back. If I have to use the toilets ,it means a whole lot of guys fidgeting with crossed legs waiting for said toilets, so for their sake and any flooding issues will there be changing rooms
  5. Guest suggestions

    I would like to meet the following. even pay to have a photo with them Kermit Gonzo Beaker And Animal
  6. Guest suggestions

    The donut guy, nothing beats fresh donuts. Mmmmmmmmm donuts
  7. When is the next Cardiff comic con, please Thank you
  8. Layout map

    As its less then a week to go Will there be a layout, map or plan to let us know where things are. Like guests, game area, photo shoots and most important. The toilets Thank you
  9. Big Bang Prop Set

    Too pricey
  10. Whats Allowed/Security

    Pending on weather there might be an umbrella Possibly a bag of mms if I cheat on my diet
  11. Whats Allowed/Security

    My backpack will have the following 1 diet coke 1 shopping list 1 subway sandwich 1 pack of tissues Map to site and bus schedule Does any one see a problem with this It's so empty as I will be shopping and need the space
  12. Next Gen captain's chair

    For the one who is mounting can I keep the hair. I need a new coat please
  13. Entrance

    Thank you it may be dark when I get there
  14. Entrance

    Sorry to ask but where will the entrance be please. Have been the last three years entrance different every time I will be making my way over the railway bridge Please advise
  15. with your help wonder woman

    Carla Thank you for your e mail 4 alice bands in red with ribbon for snow white I will have on shorts and a white t shirt with wonder woman on it will that help with finding me