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  1. tuskenraider6670

    Guest Suggestions

    lets get henry winkler at comic con also anthony daniels warwick davis james earl jones frank oz and paul blake
  2. tuskenraider6670

    Guest suggestions

    so tell me showmasters what does my bill come too lol
  3. tuskenraider6670

    Guest suggestions

    Here's a list of stars I'd love to see at this year's winter comic con Anthony Daniels Warwick davis James Earl jones Frank oz Henry winkler Paul blake Bruce campbell Adam west Burt ward Iron mike tyson Sherman Howard aka bub the zombie Miranda Richardson Eddie Murphy Jaime Pressly Nadine Velazquez Melissa Rauch Kaley Cuoco Jim Parsons Samuel l jackson Patrick Stewart Mr T The whole cast of red dwarf Frank kelly Katherine Helmond Brian blessed again Marion ross Phil Daniels Al pacino Brian Murphy barbara eden Karl pilkington john lithgow The cast of happy days fenella fielding
  4. tuskenraider6670

    winter comic con

    Here's a list of stars I'd love to see at this year's winter comic con Anthony Daniels Warwick davis James Earl jones Frank oz Henry winkler Paul blake
  5. tuskenraider6670

    John Hurt

    Britain greatest actor and a true gent so glad to have met him on the day
  6. I'm still waiting for mine
  7. tuskenraider6670

    Legend - Kenny Baker

    my son in law asked her for a picture of her signed bum she laughed and said sure
  8. tuskenraider6670

    Legend - Kenny Baker

    think i was in my white tusken raider t shirt that day
  9. tuskenraider6670

    What a joke

    Well I went today and comic con was back to its old self thank god it was a completely different vibe today in the building everyone seemed a little bit more relaxed and everything was run a lot better photo shoots was on time and everyone seemed to know what was going on not sure what happened yesterday but let's hope it NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN
  10. tuskenraider6670

    Legend - Kenny Baker

    Here here I was there in the que when he was asleep such a nice man he deserved that nap he was non stop all weekend
  11. tuskenraider6670

    What a joke

    Let me start by saying every guest I saw yesterday great friendly and nice that's about all I can say that's nice the venue was over crowded hot with no air con photo shoots late went outside for 2 mins then they wasn't going to let me back I told them I had a photo shoot and was told sorry your get your money back but you not comming in yeah right I don't think so mate just walked past them I love comic but yesterday was beyond a joke
  12. whats the reason for ian being so expensive then?
  13. tuskenraider6670

    Guest Cancellation - Peter Mayhew

    gutted had photo shoot with him sunday oh well next time maybe get well soon peter
  14. OMG THE FECKING 1966 BATMOBILE I'm so there
  15. tuskenraider6670

    Latest guest announcement - JOHN HURT

    The greatest living english actor