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  1. Any advice? I'm sure there are ways around it, but I don't want to be too naughty. It's ok, sorted with Mara! And I have printed it out....you can also have my Credit card, if needed. If not shout you know I'm crewing!
  2. My mistake, but I was way back in the seats and view not great. He was wearing a lighter patterned shirt when I saw him in the signing area at 7pm.
  3. There was 1000 seats sold and the compare was Jason the events organiser. Luckily for him many didn't know this, so he didn't get bombarded with abuse from attendees that had trouble during the day.
  4. If it's Olympia next year for LFCC.......anyone who thought the queuing was bad this year and that it was ever so slightly warm in Earls Court, you have not encountered that venue. It actually has a glass roof and is surrounded by pavement, so I can see it being backed up to Hammersmith Broadway.
  5. They were doing an extra spot prizes. A lady next to me got a Stan Lee photo shoot ticket at about 2pm on the Sunday along with the 'Baddie Bag'. I agree the whole programme raffle could have been handled better. My friend & I looked at about 4.30 and all had been put away, even though they said it would be up to close of event.
  6. Thank you from the 'Gold Person', she will look into it in the morning and please accept her apologies.
  7. Please could they have some chairs?
  8. Yes, last year the day tickets were as you go in as I had to my son & his wife tickets for the Sunday. Then as you go into the main area they usually put the photo shoots buying at the front with other things like refunds etc. Ok thanks Etmuse, I got them earlybirds last year.
  9. You can buy entrance tickets for Saturday & Sunday and photoshoots on Friday night.
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